How do you send a retainer on a venture?

How do you send a retainer on a venture?

Once you get a retainer and give them a class you need the ventures in your inventory. Go to the summoning bell pick your retainer and go to Assign Venture. When you do unlock retainer ventures, try to make them a class that you know you are going to play.

How do you get ventures?

Players can acquire Ventures from their respective Grand Company vendor after reaching a rank of Private Third Class for 200 seals each. Players can also acquire them from Beast Tribe Quests and Guildleves.

What should I spend my grand company seals on?

A few options besides Ventures:

  • FC Airship crafting supplies: Airships are still quite relevant, and if your FC is building one or wants to build one then a bunch of what you need can be bought with GC seals. ...
  • Cordials: still relevant for Gatherers. ...
  • Dark Matter: because self repair is awesome.

How do I farm company seals?

Hunting Logs Kill a specific number of certain creatures, get rewarded. Grand Companies have hunting logs that reward large amounts of Company Seals as you complete each entry. There are three ranks of Hunting Logs for the Grand Companies. If you complete every log, you will end up with a grand total of 20,775 seals.

What do I do with flame seals Ffxiv?

Flame Seal is the currency awarded by the Grand Company The Immortal Flames. Players can spend their company seals to increase their Grand Company Ranks and acquire unique company items.

What can you buy with Allagan Tomestone of poetics?

Allagan Tomestone of Poetics are the Allagan Tomestones introduced in patch 2.