How do you counter Ashe?

How do you counter Ashe?

Ashe has a telegraphed playstyle, which you can use to your advantage. She throws Volleys (W) to clear waves and try to poke you down. You can sit behind your minion wave to avoid this ability since it stops on the first target hit.

Does sivir counter Cait?

Sivir doesn't counter Caitlyn. It's a popular opinion in low elo because you can spellshield her traps and her ult. Reality is, Sivir's attack range is way too short to properly trade with Cait, and Cait can just auto her out of lane.

Who counters Caitlyn LOL?


How do you play against Cait?

There's no real way to trade against a Caitlyn, you'll eat at least 1 extra auto. As a support, I tend to pick Zyra and out range Caitlyn. Vayne main here, as she is often picked a lot into Vayne, I have a lot of experience on this matchup. Don't go against a Caitlyn thinking you will win the matchup.

Does JHIN counter Tristana?

Jhin fights Tristana in 115.

Does Lucian counter Vayne?

It's hard to say without taking the supports into consideration as well, but Lucian pretty much hard counters Vayne during early laning. Both have short range, both have good mobility, but Lucian's damage is just so much higher than Vayne's in the early game.

Why is Ashe so weak?

Ashe is more of a utility adc. Her ult is mainly used for the cc rather than the actual damage. Her E is obviously used for vision control. Therefore, she just has her W (which is less effective as a damage source as the game goes on) and her Q.

Who is the best support for Ashe?

Braum, Brand, Vel Koz, Thresh. These 4 are the best paired with ashe. Anyone saying shield/heal support is great is just a beta male ashe player and should not be trusted.

What ADC goes well with Lulu?

  • Kog'Maw. Ideal. You win. ...
  • Ashe. Strong. Ashe stacks attack speed. ...
  • Draven. Ok. Draven is meh with Lulu. ...
  • Ezreal. None. Like no. ...
  • Caitlyn. Strong. I guess she is ok, even if she doesnt stack that much attack speed. ...
  • Kalista. Strong. Kalista is nice Give her W+E and watch her kill her foes :) ...
  • Kai'Sa. Ideal. ...
  • Jinx. Ideal.

Is Ashe support viable?

It's a viable picks, but can be counter quite easily. Here is my build : yellow support item, sightsone (of course), blade of the ruther king randouin, cdr boots, and last whisper. I pick up ad/as/armor pen/armor runes and supports masteries. With this build, ashe support works extremely well with caitlyn adc.

Does glacial augment work on Ashe?

Glacial Augment is the key for this build. It will give you slow after your auto attack, and in combination with Blade of the Ruined King, you can activate the freeze ray.

Do slows stack in league?

Movement speed slows do not stack, so if you get hit by a 20% and a 40% slow then you are slowed by 40%, not 48 or 60. If multiple slows affect a champion at the same time then the strongest is applied.