How do I start an escalation protocol?

How do I start an escalation protocol?

Starting Escalation Protocol in Destiny 2: Warmind Once you complete the main campaign in Destiny 2: Warmind, you'll be able to start activating the Escalation Protocol public event yourself. Simply head to Mars and start looking for squarish metal panels on the ground.

How many levels are in escalation protocol?

7 levels

What is the weapon for escalation protocol this week?

Escalation Protocol Boss Rotation
Weekly ResetWeaponBoss
May 19thSMGKathok, Roar of Xol
May 26thSniper RifleDamkath, The Mask
June 2ndAll weaponsNaksud, The Famine

How do you make a heroic escalation protocol?

Each Shrieker is “connected” to an elite Hive enemy that will appear at certain intervals during the public event. Kill the elite (usually it's a Knight or a Wizard) and the Shrieker will open, revealing its weak point. After destroying the three Shriekers, the Warsat public event will turn into the Heroic version.

Which escalation protocol boss drops the shotgun?

Escalation Protocol Weapons: Shotgun, SMG, Sniper
Boss NamePossible Ikelos Weapon Drop
Bok Litur, Hunger of XolShotgun, SMG, Sniper
Nur Abath, Crest of XolShotgun
Kathok, Roar of XolSMG
Damkath, the MaskSniper

What is EP 2 destiny?

The IKELOS Shotgun is one of the most highly sought-after weapons in Destiny 2, and it's only available through the Escalation Protocol. Every weekly reset brings a new boss to Escalation Protocol as well as one of the three weapons (or all three at once).