How old is Rufus Shinra?

How old is Rufus Shinra?

25 years old

What race is TIFA?

Tifa Lockhart

Is aerith older than cloud?

Since we know that Aeris is a year older than Cloud, that means Zack was 18 years old when he met Aeris.

Did Zack and Aerith date?

In the course of the game, Zack befriends Cloud and begins dating Aerith. During a mission to find Angeal and Genesis, Angeal forces Zack to kill him, as he wants to stop hurting people because of his mutations.

Who is stronger Cloud or Zack?

Both Zack and Cloud are very powerful fighters. A battle between them would be a very close match. However, purely because Cloud gets more time to develop his skills, while Zack dies earlier, Cloud ends up being a little stronger than Zack.

How old was Zack Fair when he died?


Why did Zack Fair have to die?

Simply put, Hojo injects Cloud and Zack with S cells because of what happened at the Mt. Nibel reactor. That being said, Hojo was probably aiming at making those two stronger than Sephiroth and ShinRa couldn't really allow that. It also asks the question why the Turks and ShinRa were working on different terms.

Is cloud Zack's clone?

Yes, Cloud IS a clone. In this game, a clone is someone they inject Jenova cells into in order to try recreating Sephiroth, and both Zack and Cloud undergo this treatment after the Nibelheim mission.

Why does everyone hate Cait Sith?

Anyways, the reason i hate cait sith is spoilers: He is a traitor to your party and then blackmails your party in to keeping him by kidnapping a little girl and holding her hostage. Also as mentioned, her limit breaks end game are lacking, are random, and can give your party a game over.

Is Red XIII a Sephiroth clone?

He's not a Sephiroth Clone, nor does have any relation to them. Red XIII was taken into custody by Shinra before the Nibelheim incident even occured, and all of the Sephiroth Clones were survivors from said incident.

Is Sephiroth actually dead?

Yes - Sephiroth died when he fought Zack, Tifa and Cloud. ... This resulted in Zack wounding Sephiroth badly but was unable to defeat him. Cloud finished Sephiroth off by pushing him down into the Mako reactor, killing him. No - the problem here is that even so Sephiroth died physically, his body remained active.

Why does Sephiroth say 7 seconds?

Sephiroth is demonstrated to have some power over the Whispers in the Remake. ... Sephiroth is literally telling Cloud he has 7 seconds left to change things, before everything with the Whispers is over, and things go the way they go, no matter what that is.

How many times has Sephiroth died?

He did "die" in the sense that his physical body was destroyed three times (Nibelheim, Northern Crater, Advent Children).

Can Sephiroth beat Goku?

Sephiroth is not even close. Goku is the Strongest in the Univers. ... Sephiroth would never in his life stand a chance. Goku could easily dispatch him with one hand. Seph's sword would not even cut Goku let alone kill him.

Can Sephiroth beat Superman?

Sephiroth's magic would do a lot of damage to Superman. However, Superman has been able to defeat magic users before. Both men have a wide variety of powers but Superman is pretty much Sephiroth's superior in every way except for Sephiroth's magic and that will make a huge difference.

How does Sephiroth keep coming back?

In Advent Children, Sephiroth is reborn through a combination of Jenova cells and a person called Kadaj. ... Kadaj is one of these lifeforms and Sephiroth's plan works, but his new body is destroyed by Cloud at the end of the movie. Sephiroth's plan might have been foiled, but he can still return in the future.