What is Tripmines?

What is Tripmines?

n. 1. An explosive mine laid usually just below the surface of the ground. 2. Informal A concealed yet incipient crisis.

Where is Ben Parker's grave?


How does Ben Parker die?

Ben was killed when a burglar was robbing their house. Ben accidentally surprised him causing the burglar to shoot him. His death sparked the transformation of Peter Parker into Spider-Man.

Where do I pay my Uncle Ben respects?

Uncle Ben's grave makes an appearance in Marvel's Spider-Man at the cemetery in Harlem. The player can prompt Spider-Man to pay respects at the grave to unlock the trophy "With Great Power".

How do you bite the Spiderman on fixer upper?

In order to unlock the "A Bit of a Fixer Upper" trophy in Marvel's Spider-Man, you must finish every puzzle in Octavius' lab.

How long does it take to get Spiderman platinum?

Just watched some reviews including Colin Moriarty's and Greg Miller. The former said the platinum time was about 25 hours and the latter said he got the platinum in about 4 days time. So look like an easy, short and fun platinum.

Is Miles Morales easy to platinum?

It's good news this time around, as there is no difficulty trophy in Spider-Man: Miles Morales. In fact, it's actually possible to platinum the entire game on 'Easy' difficulty. ... This is required to unlock all the skills for the trophy 'Just the Beginning. '

Is Miles stronger than Peter?

6 Cooler Power Set Miles' superpowers definitely upped the game when it comes to what Spider-Man can pull off. ... All of these powers, plus Peter Parker's original power set, are based on the abilities of actual species of spiders, but Miles is both stealthier and more powerful than Peter.

How do you skip the cinematics in Miles Morales?

To skip a cutscene, press the Start button to get to the Pause menu. If the cutscene is skippable then near the bottom of the options you will see the 'Skip Cutscenes' option. Click it and it'll take you to the next point of gameplay.

How do you get a high combo in Spiderman?

Your combo increases when you successfully attack an enemy. This can be landing a punch, swing kick, throw, or gadget attack. Pretty much everything you do to or at an enemy will add one to your combo. When you take damage or when you pause dealing damage, your combo count will reset.

How do you get 100 in Spiderman?

How to complete the game in 100%? Spider-Man Guide and Walkthrough

  1. Complete the main plot. ...
  2. Complete all side missions. ...
  3. Collect all backpacks.
  4. Stop a certain number of crimes. ...
  5. Solve the riddles of Black Cat.
  6. Take photos of all landmarks.
  7. Clear all Fisk's hideouts, prisoner camps, Sable post and Demon's warehouses.

How do you start new game plus Miles Morales?

How to Start New Game Plus in Miles Morales

  1. Beat the game and see the credits.
  2. Go back to the file select menu.
  3. Press the square button while hovering over your completed save file.
  4. And then choose the newly created file to start New Game Plus.

Can you keep playing Spider-Man after you beat the story?

The answer is yes - once you've completed your main missions, you'll be able to return to all side activities. So if you want to leave other missions for later and focus on the main storyline - nothing stands in your way.

What is new game plus in Miles Morales?

Spider-Man: Miles Morales New Game+ Unlocks Venom Shield Suit Mod – Spending a full Venom bar to heal triggeres Venom Shield, which last 5 seconds, blocks all damage, and Venom Stuns melee attackers.

What's the point of new game plus?

A New Game Plus, also New Game+, (NG+) is an unlockable video game mode available in some video games that allows the player to start a new game after they finish it at least once, where certain features in NG+ not normally available in a first playthrough are added, or where certain aspects of the finished game affect ...

Will there be a Miles Morales DLC?

Spider-Man: Miles Morales DLC Seems Unlikely... Namely, Insomniac Games has not commented one way or another on if Spider-Man: Miles Morales would receive any DLC. ... It's still possible there's some story DLC coming, it's possible that it's just a few free post-launch updates, but ultimately, it seems unlikely.

Is there a secret suit in Miles Morales?

Bodega Cat Suit: This is the cutest secret suit in the game. ... Miles Morales 2020 Suit: Complete All Training Missions to gain access to this futuristic suit. Programmable Matter Suit: Find All Underground Caches to gain access to this suit. Purple Reign Suit: This suit is reminiscent of The Prowler's costume.

Do you play as Miles Morales in Spider-Man PS4?

Insomniac Games captured the hearts of players everywhere with its forray into the Marvel universe with Spider-Man for the PS4. This sequel isn't a full-fledged game, but you'll get to play as Miles Morales, who gained his spider powers at the end of the first game, and save New York.