What do you call a sniper?

What do you call a sniper?

A sniper is also called a "marksman".

What is Snipers real name tf2?

In the Team Fortress Comics, the Sniper was born in New Zealand and raised in Australia. It also tells us that Sniper's birth name was Mun-Dee, referencing sniper's name "Mr. Mundy. It is a running gag throughout the Team Fortress series that points out Sniper is actually a New Zealander.

What is Miss Pauling's first name?

Pauling to the TFC Heavy. F. Pauling, or better known as simply Miss Pauling, is a character from the 2007 Valve video game Team Fortress 2.

Is scout named after jerma?

It's been confirmed that the Scout was indeed named after Jerma. The name "Jeremy" was given to him by one of the writers working on the cancelled TF2 miniseries, after watching the Jerma is Mad videos.

Is jerma dead?

On June 12th, 2018 Jerma on stream confirmed that he got too excited over Nioh 2's announcement and died. ... Medical experts say he died from natural causes after being pinned under a CRT television weighing only 35 pounds.

How old is jerma?

Jeremy Elbertson (born: Septem ( [age 35]), known online as Jeremy Harrington and better known as Jerma985, was a YouTube Gaming Commentator who currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada.

How tall is jerma985?

Jeremy Elbertson Wiki
Jeremy ElbertsonWiki/Bio
Heightapprox. 5 ft 8 in (1.

When was jerma985 born?


How much debt is jerma?

The 2.

Is jerma part of vinesauce?

He is the founder of Vinesauce, starting out as a solo-streaming project before recruiting other streamers to make it a group effort.

What time does Jerma985 stream?

On Thursdays, Jerma985 sometimes streams for 7 hours between 2 PM and 8 PM PDT. On Fridays, Jerma985 sometimes streams for 4 hours between 4 PM and 7 PM PDT. On Saturdays, Jerma985 sometimes streams for 7 hours between 2 PM and 8 PM PDT.

How old is Vinny vinesauce?


What mic does jerma use?

Dreamcast microphone

How many followers does jerma have?


How much do streamers make per sub?

Subscription levels vary: you can subscribe for $4.

How many subs does vinesauce have on twitch?

5,000 subscribers

How does vinesauce make money?

"I make enough money to live from my youtube channels and Twitch streaming... all without forcing people to buy things or give me money! It wasn't always like this. ... So, I ended up giving the patreon money to charity during our charity stream.

Why is jerma a meme?

The meme has mutated well beyond the popularity of Jerma's circle of influence, being used as an ironic shitpost to mock Among Us, with the exaggerated grimace parodying the perceived synthetic nature of the game and its community.

Who are the members of vinesauce?


  • 1 Vinny.
  • 2 MentalJen.
  • 3 KY (LiveByFoma)
  • 4 Rev.
  • 5 Fred.
  • 6 Darren (VicariousPotato)
  • 7 Joel.
  • 8 Imakuni.

Is Vinny vinesauce Italian?

He is known for his Corruption Videos, Tomodachi Life streams, and Shovelware Showcase. He is from New York City and has a love for pizza and nuggets....
Vinny Vinesauce
OccupationStreamer, Musician

How did Vinny and Joel meet?

Joel first visited the Vinesauce website in May 2011, where he noticed a post advertising an old stream by Vinny. Joel was interested, so he clicked on it. At this time, Vinny only had around 25-50 viewers on his streams. Joel was intrigued and decided to sign up.

What is Vinny vinesauce salary?

He is estimated to have over 5,000 subscribers. This would generate a monthly income of at least $15,000 USD per month, excluding sponsorships, advertisements, tips, and Twitch cheer bits.