Are hunters good in TBC?

Are hunters good in TBC?

Hunter in TBC is the best physical dps. You can pump huge numbers using 1 button. The dmg is insane but its very boring. In later tiers guilds would have 1 survival hunter in raid that stacks agi and has expose weakness talent boosting all melees and hunters dmg.

Is warlock good in TBC?

All in all warlocks were in a very good spot for most of TBC. This, although Warlocks didn't scale at all until 2.

Are shamans good in TBC?

Shaman is overall a very good class to have in raids due to their buffs. ... All the Shaman buffs and totems provides a unique buff in TBC (which most of the buffs do) that is not given by other classes.

Are Druids good in TBC?

Restoration Druid was excellent in Arena (as you said). ... If you want a druid in TBC choose anything, but balance. Moonkin start to be good at wotlk, the best was resto for pve and pvp. Oh, and back then Hybrid dps were awful compare to pure dps.

What is the best DPS class in TBC?

TBC DPS Rankings

  • Hunter.
  • Warlock. 47%
  • Mage. 88.

    Are priests good in TBC?

    Priests in Classic have the most robust tool-kit compared to other healers. Priest in TBC. Spriest is required for raids. Holy Circle of Healing is a huge change.

    What was the best healer in TBC?

    The most efficient healer classes at that stage were holy priest and resto shaman.

    Are fury warriors good in TBC?

    Fury warrior is pretty good in tbc. Specially on late stage of tbc when a lot of good armor pen gear available. They are not perfect because there is a lot of running around a boss mechanics thats all.

    Are Warriors good in TBC PVP?

    Resilience, higher armor targets and less powerful weapons per the value of the average heath pool slows pvp down to a point where most warrior go mace spec because the extra stuns are a better option over the vanilla high speed play that is possible now. ...

    Is DFT good in TBC?

    There is various items like dft or mind quickening gem which are actually so good or provide such a unique effect that it's good enough or pretty much good enough to replace some of your pre-raid items in TBC, so you won't need to farm as much pre-raid bis when TBC drops.

    Are Warriors good in classic?

    8 To Play: Tank Dungeons & Raids Dealing a lot of damage is fine and all, but what really makes warriors the kings of classic is their monopoly on tanking. Any dungeon group or raid has to have a tank, and it's undeniable that warriors fill the role much better than any other class in nearly every situation.

    Are Warriors good in PVP Classic?

    Warriors are by far the worst solo PVP class, without great, or at least good gear. ... Use it in PVP and also for world questing, either as Arms or 2-handed Fury.

    Is Fury Warrior good in classic?

    Best DPS Warrior Spec for PvE in WoW Classic For Classic end-game content, Fury is the best spec for DPS Warriors. They will either use a slow 2H weapon with a Slam build or use two 1H weapons with high DPS as Dual-Wield Fury. For PvP, DPS Warriors will use a slow 2H weapon for an Arms Mortal Strike build.

    Is warrior hard to play WoW Classic?

    Warrior can be a tad challenging to level at lower levels however, but those go by quickly. They are also fairly gear dependent, so unless you are good at playing the AH can be a bit hard as a main. Also don't assume you are an instant invite into dungeon groups due to being able to tank.

    Are Warriors fun WoW?

    Warrior is alot of fun one of the most fun to play.

    What Alliance race is best for warrior?

    Best Alliance Races for Fury Warrior

    • Human is the best race on Alliance because of Will to Survive. ...
    • It is worth to note that. ...
    • Gnome is competitive with humans because of Escape Artist, allowing you to frequently break roots, but is less impactful on Fury Warrior than Arms Warrior because of Bloodrage.

    Can you tank as a fury warrior?

    Throw on a sword and board and hit def stance and you can tank anything while leveling. Yup, it's totally viable and actually encouraged for dungeons and raid OTs. 0/31/21 Bloodthirst is pretty straight forward. I like 3/3 Improved Revenge for dungeons, and many OTs like putting 1/2 Imp.