Who broke Batman's back?

Who broke Batman's back?


Have we started the fire Batman?

Hooded Man #2 : Have we started the fire? Bane : Yes. The fire rises. Bane : So, you came back to die with your city.

Do you feel in control bane?

"Do you feel in charge?" -Bane "I've paid you a small fortune."-Daggett "And this gives you power over me?"- Bane.

How do I unlock fragments?

How to Get Fragments

  1. After completing the Aspects of Control questline, The Exo Stranger unlocks quests you can choose in order to get Fragments.
  2. Players can choose 2 from Crucible Fragment, Vanguard Fragment, and Gambit Fragment. Select the ones you want to play through. ...
  3. Completing the quest give you a Memory Fragment.

Can you escape in Hades?

Hades is the action roguelike in which Zagreus, Prince of the Underworld, decides he has had enough and wishes to leave Hades. There is no escape, or so the game says every time the prince dies from any number of monsters or other hazards that inhabit the halls of the dead.

What happens when you kill Hades?

After you take down Hades, you're soon sent right back to the Underworld, because of story reasons. For all of your runs henceforth, you're bound to something called the Pact of Punishment, which allows you to modify the gameplay as you see fit, usually in the interest of ramping up the difficulty.

What happens when you escape in Hades?

Story-wise, Hades is pretty fed up with Zagreus' escape attempts, so he goes to stop him once and for all. ... If you die, you'll return to the House of Hades (where you'll notice your father is absent from his usual place behind his massive desk) before making another escape attempt.

How long does 100% Hades take?

Based on 774 User Ratings
Nintendo Switch350116h 14m
PC86295h 19m

How long does it take to finish Hades?

about 15 hours