What exactly is the wild hunt?

What exactly is the wild hunt?

The Wild Hunt, or Wraiths of Mörhogg as they are called in Skellige, was widely believed to be a group of specters galloping in the sky. They were described by common folk as a cavalcade of wraiths on undead horses galloping across the sky and serving as an omen of war.

Where does the wild hunt come from?

The concept of the Wild Hunt was first documented by the German folklorist Jacob Grimm, who first published it in his 1835 book Deutsche Mythologie. It was in this work that he popularised the term Wilde Jagd ("Wild Hunt") for the phenomenon.

What did geralt do with the Wild Hunt?

When they got to the boss of the Wild Hunt, Geralt struck a deal with Eredin, offering his soul in place of Yennefer's. Exact chronology is unknown, but long story short, Ciri freed Geralt from the Wild Hunt and dropped him somewhere near Kaer Morhen - and this is where the first game starts!

Are the wild hunt humans?

Yes, they're called the Aen Elle and they're from another world. Long ago the elves were one people, the Aen Undod, around the arrival of the humans on The Continent, they split, many of them went to a new world, Tir na Lia, and were called the Aen Elle, or The people of the Alders. ...

Does Ciri love Geralt?

Now Ciri is found at a young age after the fall of Cintra and spends time with Geralt in the Witcher in Kaer Morhen (we'll see this in Season 2 of the Netflix show) where she comes to love Geralt, and sees him as the father she never had.

How did Pavetta die?

In fact, Vilgefortz had been conspiring with Duny to bring both Pavetta and Ciri to Nilfgaard. Pavetta ultimately figured out Duny's plans and arranged to leave Ciri behind with her grandmother, much to Duny's ire. The two then argued and she fell overboard and drowned.

Should you kill Radovid?

Killing Radovid is no brainer. He is a direct threat to Triss, Yen and many other characters you meet in the story.

Does Vesemir always die?

No, Vesemir dies no matter what.

Does Ciri have to die?

Ciri dies. Ciri dies if she feels self-doubt when she approaches her battle with the White Frost. In the epilogue mission, Geralt hunts down the Crone who escaped Ciri's wrath and retrieves her Witcher medallion. ... Say “Relax, you don't have to be good at everything,” when comforting Ciri during Blood on the Battlefield.

Is Radovid good or bad?

Radovid is excellent general and a brilliant strategist, while Dijkstra is shrewd, cunning, and good at underhand tactics. Dijkstra is the better ruler, however.

Does Lambert die without Keira?

Lambert *can* die. If Keira Metz isn't recruited, then there will be an additional battle where Geralt has to assist Lambert in fighting the Wild Hunt within Kaer Morhen.

Does Dijkstra kill Radovid?

The only way she'll become the Empress is if you took her to Emhyr before you fought Imlerith and Ladies of the Wood AND help Nilfgaardians win the war (both Radovid and Dijkstra are killed).

How do I get everyone in kaer morhen?

That's when you are supposed to recruit people for your upcoming battle in Kaer Morhen. You must play a series of lengthy side quests and subplots to recruit everyone, which is going to take several hours. Keira Metz and Triss can be recruited before reaching this point in the game and are the easiest to miss.