How do I open hive?

How do I open hive?

Start the Hive shell

  1. In CDP Public Cloud, in Environments > your cluster name > CM URL.
  2. In Cloudera Manager, click Hosts > All Hosts.
  3. Make a note of the IP address or host name of a node in your cluster, for example
  4. Use ssh to log into the cluster. ...
  5. Type hive to start Hive from the command line.
  6. Enter Hive queries.

Is there a monthly charge for hive?

The plan allows you to spread the cost of the kit over 12 months. Once the 12 months are up, you can continue to pay £2.

Will hive still work if I leave British Gas?

Hive Active Heating. Your Hive Active Heating Kit (receiver, thermostat and Signal Booster) is part of the central heating system. So please leave it for the people moving in.

Is there an issue with hive?

Hive says the bug affecting its system has been a problem since last September. It told The Mail on Sunday: 'There is an issue that has affected between 3 and 4 per cent of our 28,000 TRV customer base where radiator valves are failing to sync with the app.

How do I get my hive back online?

You can reconnect the hub to your Wi-Fi by going to your Hive app, tap the Hub 360, Settings, Change Wi-Fi, and follow the in-app instructions. Step 6. Go back to 'Menu' in the Hive app, tap 'Manage devices' then refresh the page. If the hub is showing as 'connected' you're done!

How do you reset hive?

To reset your Hive Active Plug, press and hold the button on the front for ten seconds. Once you see the light double flashing amber, you're done! Try installing your Hive Active Plug in your Hive app or online dashboard again.

Can hive thermostat display stay on?

By default the Hive Thermostat will go into sleep mode when not in use and will wake up as you approach the device. If you want your thermostat to always show the temperature, you can do this by heading to Menu > More > Display > Screen settings.

How do I resync my hive?

Hold the central heating button down on the receiver until the status light is flashing pink. Release the button and then hold it again until the status light is double flashing amber.

Why does my hive say no signal?

If your thermostat is still showing a 'No Signal' message, your heating devices should be manually reset and paired. Hive Hint: Please be aware that this will reset any heating/hot water schedules that you currently have set up.

How long does it take hive to pair?

5-10 minutes

How do I connect my hive thermostat to my phone?

Press and hold both the left (back/”button 8″) and middle (menu/”button 7″) buttons on the bottom of the thermostat. Thermostat should show “searching”, Devices should then all link and the status light should go green on the receiver.

How do I connect to hive WIFI?

Go to the Hive app and tap on the Hive Leak Sensor. The settings icon on the top right is where you can change the wi-fi on the product page. You will be led through the process of connecting to your new network.

How do I connect my hive to my boiler?

Connect the Hive hub up to your broadband router using the network cable provided. Then fit the power cable into the hub and plug it into a power socket. Before you go any further, make sure the mains supply to the central heating is off.

Can you use hive with any boiler?

In most cases, the Hive thermostat will work just fine with your boiler. However, there are a few small exceptions. This includes solid fuel boilers (such as biomass systems and coal), and some Worcester Intelligent Appliance boilers and Worcester combi boilers.

How much does it cost to install hive?

Hive Active Heating Professional installation usually costs £70. Hive smart thermostats are compatible with most gas and LPG boilers, as well as most oil boilers with an existing thermostat or programmer, and most electric boilers with a standard room thermostat/programmer.