Do guardians eat destiny?

Do guardians eat destiny?

Yes they do the moment you stop playing this game....;)

How old is Shaxx?

Shoe Size : 8 1/2 [b]Lord Shaxx[/b] Age : 40 - 60 Height : 6'11 Race : Human; Black Gender : Male Nationality : British Siblings : None as we know of. Shoe Size : 9 Friends : Commander Zavala and Lord Saladin.

Is Felwinter rasputins son?

If you want to know the next steps, here's what happened. Rasputin starts talking and Ana Bray narrates the story of “The Tyrant and his son,” where we learn that Felwinter, an Iron Lord, was actually the “son” of Rasputin who was sent to infiltrate humanity as an exo.

Is Felwinter a warlock?

Lord Felwinter was a Warlock of the Iron Lords. A Warlord and master Voidwalker who gave up his power in pursuit of peace alongside the Iron Lords, he was a true believer in his companions' goal, and more merciless toward enemy Warlords than any of them.

What did Felwinter lie about?

Felwinter's Lie was that the Exo was part Guardian, part Warmind. Destiny 2 is available now on PC, PS4, Stadia, and Xbox One.

Can you still get Felwinter's lie?

At this time, it's not available anymore.

How did Felwinter become a guardian?

Timur actually takes Felwinter to Rasputin and tells him that everyone has a creator humans, exos and awoken. This leads me to believe that Rasputin maybe created Felwinter before he became a guardian. Felwinter also tried to negotiate with Rasputin when the Iron Lords tried to destroy Siva.

How many Iron Lords were there?

10 Iron Lords

What killed the Iron Lords?


Which Iron Lords are still alive?

List of known Iron Lords

  • Saladin Forge (alive)
  • Efrideet (alive)
  • Jolder (deceased)
  • Felwinter (deceased)
  • Gheleon (deceased)
  • Perun (deceased)
  • Radegast (deceased)
  • Silimar (deceased)

Is Shaxx an exo?

The only reason we know Lord Shaxx isn't an Exo is because of his tone.