What does HP burn do in raid shadow legends?

What does HP burn do in raid shadow legends?

HP Burn: While the debuff is active and at the start of the affected Champion's turn, they and all their allies take damage equal to 3% of their respective MAX HP. There can be only one [HP Burn] debuff active of a Champion at a time.

Is raid shadow legend any good?

Graphics are excellent. Not the absolute best in terms of quality, but actually styled kind of like Dark Souls, which I appreciate more than Asian-style graphics. The UI and UX is awful in places. Rune (artifact) management is possibly the worst I have seen in ANY Gacha game, and I've played probably every major one...

Is raid shadow legends offline game?

Can Raid Shadow Legends be Played Offline? Raid Shadow Legends is a competitive online multiplayer game, which means that it requires an internet connection to play. Although the game comes with a single-player campaign, the game requires the game to synchronize with the central server to play.

How many active players does raid shadow legends have?

one million

Is raid shadow legends really good?

The gameplay is extremely mediocre: you control four characters in turn-based combat, and each character has a default attack and two skills, the latter of which go into cooldown once used. Levels consist of three waves of enemies—clear all three waves and you beat the level.