How do you use a lurker?

How do you use a lurker?

Assign your lurkers to their own control group and position them about half a screen away from the target you want to hit, like their siege tanks or immortals. Burrow them and move hydras over them when they finish, then use hydras to take out detectors as soon as they come in range.

What Zerg units counter what?

Starcraft 2 Zerg Counters
Zerg UnitCounters ProtossCounters Zerg
UltraliskStalker Zealot SentryZergling Swarm Host Hydralisk
InfestorZealot SentryHydralisk Zergling Mutalisk
QueenVoid Ray OracleBaneling Mutalisk (soft)
Swarm HostZealot Sentry Immortal High TemplarHydralisk Roach Spine Crawler Queen

How do Protoss deal with lurkers?

You should use your army to slow down the zerg push/poke it with immortals and storm to whittle it down. You can also use prisms or chargelot runbys to divide the attention of the zerg/force him to go back. Once you do decide to engage try to establish a good concave and possibly a flank too to minimize lurker damage.

How do you counter lurkers?

Here are some tips:

  1. don't engage up ramps or in chokes. ...
  2. focus fire lurkers with immortals. ...
  3. pick up lurkers with phoenix. ...
  4. disruptors can siege them but it's a slow process and you need a lot of disruptors.
  5. in general if you see lurkers you need to prep a sky transition or figure out a way to outright kill the zerg asap.

How do you counter an Archon?

Generally the way to counter Archons is by simply focus firing them. Usually however PvP engagements end up being prism micro competitions in which the player who can juggle his units better wins. Archons are "Massive", and can therefore destroy Force Fields.

How do you beat Protoss As Terran?

You have to deal damage to the Protoss before they can get storm. Find a timing attack that hits around 6 minutes to 7 minutes. You don't have to win with an attack like this, but you have to deal damage. And you should be able to: Terran has a strong advantage after finishing bio upgrades and before storm.

How do you beat Protoss air?

Get fast burrow on mines, blow up his interceptors and then send in the vikings/cyclones liberators/ marines (ideally air units) go mass liberator ( this beats any air army just look out for archons)

How do you counter High Templars as Terran?

Terran has no proper counter to High Templars. You can scream and say "Ghost!" but its absolutely not true. High Templars and Ghosts are designed to counter each other which means that the Ghosts itself also gets countered by the HT.

How do you beat Protoss carrier?

One of the best ideas to counter a protoss dead-set on going carriers is to scout and provide early pressure if you see him teching quickly to a fleet beacon. He's probably spending so much money on those buildings that he has a comparatively weak army, and you should be able to do a good deal of damage.

How do you counter carriers as Terrans?

The best way to counter Mass Carriers (if this happens in a pro match) is to kill the Interceptors faster than they could be produced. Interceptors cost 15 minerals each. Therefore, each Carrier is a huge investment. The only way for a carrier to attack is to produce interceptors.

How do you beat Zerg carriers?

The only good jump to carriers is when they harass with phoenixes in the meanwhile. But very few seem to do that. take 6 bases and throw maxed out anything at them twice and kill them before they get there. If you let them max out on Carriers only, make a billion Corruptors and focus fire them down.

How do you beat a void ray?

Void rays are easy if you have sufficient ground anti-air. Stalkers, especially with blink. Do not make phoenixes-- they are not good against voids. Marines....Protoss units that are effective against Void Rays:

  1. Archon.
  2. Phoenix.
  3. High Templar with Storm (Merge into archon after the energy is gone, to soak damage)

How do you counter corruptors?

In a straight up fight, Void Rays counter Corruptors, and with Flux Vanes, Void Rays can also outrun them. Corruptors generally counter Phoenixes and capital ships. Vipers do make things difficult though because they can use Parasitic Bomb on a cluster of Void Rays or Abduct a capital ship into the Corruptor cloud.

How do you beat void rays as Zerg?

Saturate 3 bases and make hydras. If he's not also making carriers, you'll easily beat mass void ray. Take as many bases as possible and mass pretty much anything that can shoot up and a move to his base ;) Let him turtle, while you take a better economy and try to deny him from taking a third.

How does Protoss counter void rays?

Just shift+right-click his void rays and they will drop like flies. If you let him get that many void rays then it's your fault he wins, if you scout early that he's going void rays just 4 gate him. He will have a tough time holding against you.

How does Terran counter void rays?

Terran Void Ray Counters The only thing is Terran mech does not handle the Void Ray well at all. If you are massing mech and the Protoss opponent starts getting Void Rays, it is time to switch. You can use both bio forces or air forces to counter the Void Ray.

Why are void rays bad?

Void rays are very expensive and cost 4 supply. They're also very slow moving. Oracles are much faster/cost effective and can do so much more damage early game. Voids die very easily to stalkers/marines/hydras.

What is khalani?

Khalani is the language "spoken" (via telepathy) by the protoss. Other races "hearing" Khalani being 'spoken' hear meaningless sounds, though protoss possess the ability to translate the language via telepathy.