How do you make a clan in Division 2?

How do you make a clan in Division 2?

How To Unlock Clans in The Division 2 - And Join The Official TA...
  1. Complete the Viewpoint Museum mission. Throughout The Division 2, you'll be recruiting allies to join your cause at your base of operations, the White House. ...
  2. Find clans in the pause menu. ...
  3. Join the TrueAchievements clan. ...
  4. What benefits do clans provide?
Mar 17, 2019

How do you recruit Grace Larson?

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How do I leave my last oasis clan?

Open the clan page and go to the Clan Info tab and press leave clan.

Can you join more than one clan in COC?

You clan be a member of more than one clan, but you can only be a Clanmate in one at a time. You can switch between them whenever though.

Where do you find Grace Larson in Division 2?

To get the Division 2 Clan NPC you have to complete storyline missions and then talk to Grace Larsen in the Theater. You can always find Grace Larson in the Base of Operations White House.