How thick is the M1A2 Abrams armor?

How thick is the M1A2 Abrams armor?

For the base model M1 Abrams, Steven J. Zaloga gives a frontal armor estimate of 350 mm vs armor-piercing fin-stabilized discarding-sabot (APFSDS) and 700 mm vs high-explosive anti-tank warhead (HEAT) in M1 Abrams Main Battle Tank 1982–1992 (1993).

What armor does the M1A2 Abrams use?

Chobham composite armor The Abrams is protected by Chobham composite armor. Protection of the M1A2 was improved by using depleted uranium mesh at the front of the hull and turret. It offers significant protection against all known anti-tank weapons, however overall weight increased comparing with the M1A1.

How thick is the armour on the Challenger 2?

Challenger 2
FV 4034 Challenger 2
Width3.5 m (11 ft 6 in), 4.2 m (13 ft 9 in) with appliqué armour
Height2.49 m (8 ft 2 in)
Crew4 (commander, gunner, loader/operator, driver)
ArmourChobham / Dorchester Level 2 (classified)
26 more rows

Does the Abrams have reactive armor?

The U.S. Army uses reactive armour on its Abrams tanks as part of the TUSK (Tank Urban Survivability Kit) package and on Bradley vehicles and the Israelis use it frequently on their American built M60 tanks.