Why cash on delivery is not good?

Why cash on delivery is not good?

Cash-on-delivery is a slow and inefficient process. There could be multiple delivery attempts if the customer isn't available, or doesn't have the cash on them at delivery time. This leads to delays, during which you've already sent off your goods but have yet to receive any payment.

What does COD mean sexually?

Call of Duty

What is the Flying Dutchman sexually?

The Flying Dutchman This didn't used to be a specific deviant sexual act, it was just a phrase that sounded dirty and would be shouted out during intercourse on occasion simply for the novelty factor.

What does Flying Dutch mean?

1 : a legendary Dutch mariner condemned to sail the seas until Judgment Day. 2 : a spectral ship that according to legend haunts the seas near the Cape of Good Hope.

Is the Flying Dutchman real?

In real life the Flying Dutchman was a 17th century Dutch merchantman, captained by Captain Hendrick Van Der Decken, a skilled seaman but one of few scruples, and in 1680 was proceeding from Amsterdam to Batavia in the Dutch East Indies.

What does the flying Dutchman drop in Terraria?

Desktop/Console/Mobile-Only Content: This information applies only to the Desktop, Console, and Mobile versions of Terraria. The Flying Dutchman is a Hardmode Mini Boss that spawns during the Pirate Invasion event....Parts.
TypeBoss Part
KB Resist100%
Immune toAll debuffs except Whip debuffs

Why is it called Flying Dutchman?

The weather was so stormy that the sailors said they saw the Flying Dutchman. ... Nothing could do away the idea of this phenomenon on the minds of the sailors; and, on their relating the circumstances when they arrived in port, the story spread like wild-fire, and the supposed phantom was called the Flying Dutchman.

Is Davy Jones Locker real?

It is used as a euphemism for drowning or shipwrecks in which the sailors' and ships' remains are consigned to the depths of the ocean (to be sent to Davy Jones' Locker)....
Davy Jones' locker
TypeEuphemism for sea floor, or resting place for sailors drowned at sea.
Notable charactersDavy Jones

What type of ship is the Black Pearl?

East Indiaman Galleon

What type of ship is the Flying Dutchman?


What is a black pearl called?

Tahitian pearl

Is the jackdaw a real ship?

HMS Jackdaw was a Royal Navy Cuckoo-class schooner that William Rowe built at Newcastle and launched in 1806. She had a relatively undistinguished career, with the low point being her capture by what some described as a Spanish "rowboat". British frigates recaptured Jackdaw the next day.

How does Edward Kenway die?

Edward retired from piracy and relocated to London in 1723 a wealthy man, where he took up his responsibilities as a member of the Assassin Brotherhood. In 1735, he was murdered in his Queen Anne's Square estate by agents acting under orders from Reginald Birch, the Grand Master of the British Rite of Templars.

What kind of ship is the Aquila?

corvette Aquila

What does a jackdaw represent?

In some cultures, a jackdaw on the roof is said to predict a new arrival; alternatively, a jackdaw settling on the roof of a house or flying down a chimney is an omen of death, and coming across one is considered a bad omen.

Can a jackdaw talk?

Unlike the larger and clamorous cousins with which they often flock, their phrases are clipped, their conversations brief. They pair for life, share food and, when the male barks his arrival at the nest, the female responds with a softer, longer reply. They like manmade structures.

What is a flock of jackdaws called?

• The collective noun for Jackdaw is a 'clattering' or 'train'. •

What is a black bird with a GREY head called?


Is it a crow or a raven?

Ravens differ from crows in appearance by their larger bill, tail shape, flight pattern and by their large size. Ravens are as big as Red-tailed Hawks, and crows are about the size of pigeons. The raven is all black, has a 3.

Is it a crow or a rook?

Rooks differ from crows by a pale, straighter bill with a bare grey bill base. They display 'feathery trousers' on their legs and have an oily, loose plumage compared to crows. ... In flight, rooks have longer wings than crows which narrow towards the body and a long graduated tail.

What Colour eyes do jackdaws have?

Unlike their close relatives, rooks and crows, jackdaw eyes are almost white and their striking pale irises are very conspicuous against their dark feathers.

Can you shoot jackdaws UK?

Birds you can catch alive or kill with this licence You can take or kill these birds, or damage, take or destroy their nests, or take or destroy their eggs: crows. collared doves. jackdaws.

Do crows mate for life?

Do the male and female crow mate for life? More or less. In general, it appears that they do. Unless a mate is killed or severely incapacitated, crows appear to stay with the same mate year after year.

What sound does a rook make?

The call is usually described as caw or kaah, and is somewhat similar to that of the carrion crow, but less raucous.

How big is a rook?

45 – 47 cmAdult