What does Omni vamp do?

What does Omni vamp do?

The brand new omnivamp is a stat that heals your player no matter the damage that is taken. Instead of taking the full damage from an attack, the omnivamp stat will kick in and heal you for a bit of the damage you were going to take.

What is Omni vamp in lol?

Omni Vamp is a defensive stat that heals champions through damage. When a character with the stat is hit by any physical, magic, or true damage, a percentage of that health damage will instead be turned into healed health, which stacks.

What does spell vamp mean?

Spell Vamp is quite similar to lifesteal. A percentage of the damage dealt to an enemy will be converted to HP. For example, Concentrated Energy has a unique passive that grants +20% spell vamp; that means that 20% of damage from a skill will be converted to HP and added to your own HP.

Does Omnivamp work on auto attacks?

Lifesteal applies on basic attacks. So you deal 100 damage on an auto and have 20% lifesteal, you'll heal 20. But it does not work on abilities. Omnivamp applies on all damage.

Is Lifesteal on-hit effect?

Your lifesteal will be applied to 50% of the splash damage. It works on all physical on-hit effects.

Does Urgot W apply on-hit?

And will apply the 50% of the hit effects amount. But your W after level 5 will be unlimited with No mana cost and the ability to activate-deactivate as you please in the team fights! So let's start with the start items!

Is Urgot W affected by attack speed?

Urgot attacks with 3.

Does QSS stop Urgot ULT?

the chain grab is global, AFAIK. That's how it works, urgot recast ult can only end two ways: Either urgot or his target dies. Or qss.

How does Urgots ULT work?

Urgot's new ultimate ability, Fear Beyond Death, is now the scariest ability in League of Legends. He fires some shots at his target and if their health drops below a certain amount, he chains them and shoves them in his chainsaw belly.

Does teemo blind stop Urgot W?

Yes, his W is negated by blinds.

Can Urgot execute Tryndamere?

As shown in the video above created by the popular League of Legends interaction-tester Vandiril, Tryndamere can't be killed by Urgot's ultimate during his Undying Rage ult since he's immune to further damage.