What ADC works well with Nami?

What ADC works well with Nami?

Generally speaking burst supports like Nami, Alistar, Taric, Leona and Blitzcrank go well with Carries that have burst like Ezreal, Graves, Corki, Vayne, Twitch.

What's good with Nami?

Imo, Nami works with any adc that actually uses their aa's or has an on hit effect. So, basically, none are bad. Jhin and Ezreal are my two favorites to play with. Varus is one of my favorites.

Who is a good ADC?

League of Legends - Best ADC Champions 2020

  • Miss Fortune. Miss Fortune claims a spot on this list as one of the easier, more beginner-friendly ADC champions in League of Legends. ...
  • Ashe. Ashe is another great pick, not only if you're new to the ADC role, but if you're a hardened veteran too. ...
  • Kai'Sa. ...
  • Caitlyn. ...
  • Jinx. ...
  • Draven. ...
  • Lucian. ...
  • Jhin.

Is ADC useless?

The only thing an ADC does is damage, so once you take away their gold generation, they're entirely useless, because they already have a lack of CC and tankiness. Getting the enemy ADC to feed is like making the game 5v4+cannon minion.

Is ADC the easiest role?

After playing league for a year and a half and maining each role at one time or another i have discovered something. Learning each role can be difficult, but i have found that the easiest role to learn is adc.

Is ADC the best role to carry?

Usually jungle and mid are considered the best roles to carry with, because they have the most map pressure and can get all of the other lanes fed. ADC isn't really considered the best role to carry SoloQ with. It's really a misconception that dealing the most damage or have the best KDA is carrying.

Who is the best champion in League of Legends?

The best League of Legends champions are:

  • Garen.
  • Nasus.
  • Shyvana.
  • Volibear.
  • Annie.
  • Morgana.
  • Caitlyn.
  • Ashe.

Is Lux good for climbing?

Lux is actually super easy to climb with until you get to high elo (Diamond+). In lane you should be focusing on farming and poking the enemy with E.

Is it hard to climb as support?

Least mechanics required and you can get far by simply having decent macro. But for short-term mega boost up the ladder, support is hard to climb cause the role itself simply has less agency than other roles.

Is support good for climbing?

Climbing as a mage support is currently the easiest/best for lower elo.

Can you carry with Lux?

Lux certainly has the burst, teamfight potential, and utility to carry someone to Plat. Her poke isn't anywhere near as annoying as Xerath's or AP Nidalee's nor is her burst as stupid as Syndra's, but she runs a fine line of managing to have both.

Is Lux a good mid Laner?

Lux is better as a mid laner. Usually champions that are good support provide peel, CC and/or utility in general (healing for example) to a good extend without many items.

Is Lux better mid or support?

Lux is essentially about picks, and picks are had most of the time through superior vision. Mid lux can often laser the kill herself, where support lux (with less gold) often cannot. One is useless. Mid Lux works because she have gold to buy items and do damage.

How do I get dark Elementalist Lux?

Dark - Nature + Air OR Water + Fire So far, my favorite has to be her Dark form. Combining two elements that don't like to work together turns her batshit crazy and evil.

What is the best Elementalist Lux form?

Favorite Elementalist Lux Form (Combo)

  • Dark - Opposite Elements. 33.