How do you counter divas?

How do you counter divas?

The general strategy to D.Va is making use of her mobility and ability to block projectile damage, however, It can be easily countered by the right D.Va Hero Counters. D.Va Counters are mainly mei as well as others who at close range would shred any tank hero. Reaper and Zarya make for some amazing D.Va Counters.

Who is better Reaper or Genji?

Reaper, ability-wise, is a crutch in the lower tiers and a more valuable asset to the team in higher tiers, Genji just doesn't fit, even though he has one of the highest skill floors in the game. Reaper can do just as much, if not more, than Genji can, and that's with a lower skill requirement.

Who does Sigma counter?

Sigma is a genji counter. rush sigma down. doomfist, reaper, brig, dva and winston destroy him at close range. From my experience, Sym, Zarya, Doomfist, Mei, Winston, and Moira.

How do you counter Brigitte?

How to counter Brigitte

  1. Bastion. It simply isn't possible for a Brigitte to kill a Bastion by herself. ...
  2. Mei. Freeze forces Brigitte to play passively with her Shield up during teamfights, it can be used to virtually back her into a corner. ...
  3. Junkrat. For all the sustain people claim Brigitte has. ...
  4. Pharah. ...
  5. Reaper. ...
  6. McCree. ...
  7. Orisa. ...
  8. Ana.

Does McCree counter Genji?

Genji: Having the ability to kill McCree from a far and being able to 1v1 him up close by deflecting his Flashbang or barrage of bullets, he is the most brutal of McCree counters.

How do you kill McCree?

However, a well-placed Scatter Arrow or a charged headshot will instantly kill McCree. Mei's effective Range is within the range of McCree's Flashbang, meaning if she gets hit with one, it's likely game over for her. However, if he misses either his Flashbang or his shots, Mei has the advantage.

Who can counter bastion?

Overwatch > Counters > Bastion Bastion Counters mainly Long range Heroes like Widowmaker, hanzo and even junkrat. certain cases heroes who can get behind bastion like tracer and reaper, are able to damage bastion Weak point making them great Bastion Counters. Bastion is a hero with two main forms of damage.

How do you counter Pharah mercy?

Shoot Mercy first. Your goal is either to kill, distract, or force a retreat. If Mercy leaves Pharah or you manage to kill her, you can take out Pharah easily. Once you have your ult, it's a piece of cake to eliminate them (make sure they aren't in a position where they can easily get cover though.)

How do you deal with Pharah mercy?

For the Ana/Soldier players: shoot Mercy first. She has less mobility in the air than Pharah, and she'll take a few seconds to start regaining health (whereas she'll have Pharah topped up immediately if you only hit her once). Having your flex player go McCree or Widow can also help.

Who can counter symmetra?

Pharah, Junkrat and even Winston are among the best Symmetra Counters. Symmetra is best played on defense rounds since she can make better use of her sentry turrets and teleporter. Up close Symmetra can do lots of damage, even melt tanks when given the time and chance.

How do you counter bastion TORB and symmetra?

CC can also help. Well they are pretty easy to counter, for symmetra just pick winston and she becomes useless, bastion and torb can be countered by junkrat and even pharah, the only time bastion is semi hard to counter is when the whole enemy team plays around him.

How do you counter symmetra Teleport?

By shooting the teleporter as it spawns. If you know exactly where they are going to be, you have the advantage. Once the teleporter breaks, they can no longer teleport there. Ana nades the tele as soon as they come out of it, instantly countered.

Who does Mei counter?

Mei Counters
Strong AgaisntWeak Against

How do you counter Lucio?

Overwatch > Counters > Lucio Since the general strategy for Lucio is running around and avoid damage. Thier is one character in particular that is seen as an effective Lucio counter. Mei is one of the best overwatch heroes for reducing mobility, This makes her among the best Lucio Counters within Overwatch.

Is Mei a good hero?

Although she's difficult to play properly, a competent Mei revels in their versatility and is probably the most effective nuisance hero in the entire game. Mei's learning curve may seem intimidatingly steep in Overwatch, but you can consistently wreck shop with her if you master her abilities and playstyle.

How do you counter soldiers?

The only way D.Va "counters" Soldier is to eat his ult, which can easily be avoided by destroying her meka before ulting. Soldier can even go toe to toe with D.Va at point blank range with no fear.

Who does Soldier 76 counter?

Soldier 76 Counters
Strong AgaisntWeak Against

Does Hanzo counter tracer?

Hanzo is completely useless against tracer.

How do you counter Hanzo ML?

Helcurt can darken the atmosphere and can directly approach Hanzo with his blink skill. That way Helcurt can directly attack Hanzo with his skill combos and can defeat Hanzo easily. Now that is the explanation of Counter Hero Hanzo ML that we have discussed.