Where is the black keep?

Where is the black keep?

the Frozen North

How do I get into the black keep Conan?

Description. The Black Keep is a high level dungeon located in the Frozen North. There is no key required to enter, however, there is a key found inside which is required to reach the boss room. Much of the dungeon is in disrepair and several notes can be found scattered throughout the keep.

What is the best armor in Conan exiles?

[Top 10] Best Conan Exiles Armors

  • Flawless Epic Darfari Skin (Best Light Strength Armor) ...
  • Flawless Epic Zingaran Freebooter (Best Light Vitality Armor) ...
  • Flawless Shemite Armor (Best Light Accuracy Armor) ...
  • Flawless Epic or Non-Epic Aquilonian Infantry (Best Medium Vitality Armor, good armor for leveling)

How do you get Godbreaker armor in Conan exiles?

It is learned by interacting with one of the steles at the end of the Warmaker's Sanctuary dungeon, in the chamber where the Champion of the Warmaker is encountered.

What is the most powerful weapon in Conan exiles?

Telith's Sorrow greatsword

Where is the Warmaker's sanctuary?

The Warmaker's Sanctuary is a dungeon that was officially added to the game with Update 36 on J. A sprawling and ancient fortress, the aptly-named Warmaker's Sanctuary, located inside Klael's Stronghold, is the former sanctum of Warmaker Klael, the last surviving member of the Giant-king Triumvirate.

Where is Klael's stronghold?

Klael's Stronghold
BiomeSavanna (EL)
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