Where can I find obsidium ore in wow?

Where can I find obsidium ore in wow?

Obsidium ore can be mined in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm zones from Obsidium deposits. A mining skill of 425 is required. Obsidium deposits are found in the regions of Vashj'ir, Mount Hyjal, and Deepholm.

Where can I find folded obsidium?

The ability to create Folded Obsidium is learned at a Blacksmithing trainer. It is not a level 450 skill (and is thus a little higher in the list), which makes it a little hard to find.

Where do you get diamonds in wizard101?

Usually, around every 10 realms or so, you'll also find a Diamond. Places to gather Ore include, all over Dragonspyre but especially the Athenium, the Cave of Solitude in Mooshu, and the Krokosphinx in Krokotopia. There are also plants that will drop Ore or Diamonds if you get into gardening.

Where do you get a Sunstone in Wizard101?

Where are some locations in the game players can find Sandstone/Sunstones? The Kondha Desert in Khyrsalis, throughout Stonetown Zafaria, and to the left of the Floating Mountains teleporter are three great locations to find sandstones/sunstones.

Where can I farm sandstone?

The Khonda Desert in Khrysalis has a good place for farming Sandstone. Over by the White Fur mobs is best.

Where do you get Amber in Wizard101?

Gardening is your best bet for Amber. King Parsely and Queen Crepe Mrtyle will give you amber, I have also received amber from Ultra Snow Apples.

How do I get fast amber?

Re: Fastest way to get Amber?

  1. Farm bosses in Aquila. For no reason everyone ignore Send Squid. ...
  2. Gardening. King Parsley - easy to get, but low drop rate, White Tiger Lilly - much higher drop rate.
  3. Buy for arena tickets.
  4. Dromel Merchant in Nomad's Camp.