Does healing spell work on balloons?

Does healing spell work on balloons?

Yes they work, but combine them with rage spells. Else they are just to slow to roll over a base. Even better with haste. Their weakness is speed over dps.

Do spells work on siege machines?

Spells have no affect on siege machines by design. They're already super powerful. If you could haste a stone slammer, or rage a wrecker, it would make them too good.

Can I put troops in my siege machine?

You cannot put your own troops in Siege Machines. Just donated troops are in the machines.

Which siege machine is better COC?

The strongest siege is the stone smasher (ss) - it targets defences and can do a lot of damage to them, it has lots of HP, it's awesome! It is particularly good when defences are up to the wall - when it hits those defences it will smash the adjoining walls through which your heroes can then follow.

Can you heal a siege machine?

Healers will also not heal ground Siege Machines like the Wall Wrecker. Note that Healers will heal heroes at a reduced rate different from that of other units; keep this in mind when using Healers with your heroes. Healers cannot attack at all.

Where does Wall wrecker go if the is destroyed?

If you deploy the Wall Wrecker on a village where the Town Hall has already been destroyed, the Siege Machine will still move towards the Town Hall. Once it gets there it will automatically break and release the Clan Castle troops.

How long does it take to train a wall wrecker?

The Wall Wrecker exists for two simple purposes: smash through anything that it comes across and deliver the Clan Castle troops straight to the heart of the village....Wall Wrecker Training Time.
Number of WorkshopTraining Time
120 Minutes

How do you fill your wall wrecker in clash of clans?

The Wall Wrecker is the first Siege Machine unlocked and it's available once the Workshop is completed. It can only be built by Town Hall 12 users (Workshop level 1), but it can be donated to Clan Castles level 6 and higher, which requires a Town Hall 10.

Is Eagle artillery good?

We all know the Eagle Artillery is a very powerful defense on the game, so taking it down before the activation is a great idea. The Eagle also has a fairly big dead zone around, so getting some troops inside before the activation is a great tactic. - Make as much damage as possible.

Can you destroy eagle artillery with spells?

An Eagle Artillery can be destroyed by 6 level 8 Lightning Spells and 1 level 5 Earthquake Spell, and this is commonly used in Zap Lalo or hybrid armies. Don't place all your troops in one area. Eagle Artilleries still do have splash damage and will take out any hordes of Balloons or Minions.

Should you max out your town hall?

In this case, you should not upgrade your town hall until you have reached whatever trophy level it was that you wanted to reach while still at your TH level. This is completely personal. It can get to be a very time-consuming project without much payoff, and slow down your overall rate of maxing out your account.

Should I upgrade my town hall to level 10?

It is always recommended to upgrade your town hall only after every building, troop, wall, and hero is completely maxed. If you are the anxious type, at least wait until everything besides heroes are maxed. If you make the move too soon, your offense will never be able to hit a normal TH10 for more than 1 or 2 stars.

Should I max my troops before upgrading th?

A TH5 can get level 4 lightning, and doing so means one fewer upgrade to do at TH6. Max it out the sooner the better, as soon as you've fully maxed your TH, you'll be loving it from then on.

Should I max TH10 before TH11?

Just make sure you have upgraded all DE troops and spells( except skeleton spell or haste ) and then you should be fine to move to Th11. You will definitely gain an extra advantage over other Th10 players in CWL.

When should I upgrade to th 9?

Town Hall 9

  1. Complete building upgrades.
  2. Complete the laboratory upgrades for the troops you use and spells. ...
  3. Upgrade your heroes to a minimum of level 20 each, although ideally aim for level 25+.
  4. Aim to upgrade your walls to at least level 9. ...
  5. Practice the Queen Walk.

Should I max my heroes before TH11?

Should I max my heroes to 40 as my walls before upgrading to TH11? Yhh, you should try to max them but IF you get bored, just upgrade your th, there's no point quitting the game just because of boredom so your choice. Max everything before moving forward.

What is the hardest town hall to max out?

Th12 is still the most difficult, th11 coming in second with th10 close behind. TH9 was a huge grind for me compared to other levels. TH10 took me less time, and I'm 3/4 of the way to maxing TH11 (been here for less than a year so far).

Is COC dead?

But clash of clans is not a dead game, millions still play it. But I agree that recruiting has become difficult,and the recruitment tool needs to improve. The idea of a clan is pretty much a dead thing. Clan-wars are now pointless - once you reach level 10.

Is CoC still popular 2020?

Yes they do! Its 2020 and i came back to the game this year, i have taken a lot of breaks since 2014 but im pretty sure even if i stop i will always come back to the game.

Why is CoC not opening today?

Mostly its due to network issue ( poor connection). If its working good try to open game after restarting your phone. Try to reinstall the game. If you did all above & its still not working try to clear data/cache of the game.

What is the longest upgrade in CoC 2020?

14 days