What is the best DPS spec for a Paladin?

What is the best DPS spec for a Paladin?

Best Retribution Paladin Talents

  • Level 15: Righteous Verdict.
  • Level 25: Blade of Wrath.
  • Level 30: Fist of Justice.
  • Level 35: Unbreakable Spirit.
  • Level 40: Seraphim.
  • Level 45: Selfless Healer.
  • Level 50: Sanctified Wrath.

What is the best Covenant for a retribution paladin?

Best Covenants for Retribution Paladin
Best Raid Covenants
CovenantRatingBest Soulbind
Night FaeDecentNiya

How do I access Soulbinds?

You can access the Soulbinds User Interface from the Forge of Bonds in your Covenant Sanctum. Here you can select the path and abilities that you would like, and socket any appropriate Conduits that you have. You can view the interface, but not make changes, from the Expansion button on your mini-map.

How do I access conduits in Shadowlands?

Soulbind Conduits are socketed passives that enhance your class and Covenant Abilities. You can get them from reputation vendors, PvP quartermasters, dungeons, raids, and by completing various content in Shadowlands. You must first add them to your permanent collection at the Forge of Bonds.

What is infernal Cascade?

Currently, Infernal Cascade is the make or break conduit for fire mages. ... For you who don't know about Infernal Cascade. “While Combustion is active, your Fire Blast grants you X% increased fire damage for 5 seconds, stacking up to 2 times.”