What is the drop rate of Australium weapons?

What is the drop rate of Australium weapons?


Is Mann up profitable?

Yeah, it's potentially profitable if you run Two Cities. I say Two Cities because not only can you get Australiums (like some other tours, now), but you can get Robot Parts and even Professional Killstreak Fabricator Kits which can go for a sizable amount.

How do I get Mann up tickets?

You can get a little more than two tickets per key, and keys can be acquired through trading up. The people that have 100+ tours generally have a lot of keys, and can thus buy TOD tickets when they need them.

Can you get Australiums from any tour?

Yes, any MvM tour.

What are the chances of getting an Australium weapon in Mann Up?

There's a 5.

How rare is an Australium weapon?

You have somewhere around a 2-4% drop rate chance to get an Australium after completing a tour of duty on the Two Cities tour. Botkillers are obtained with every completed tour on the other tours that currently exist.

How do you get an Australium weapon?

Australium weapons are very rare classification of weapons introduced in the Two Cities Update. Similarly to Botkiller weapons, they are unique reskins of specific weapons, and are awarded upon completing a full Tour of Duty in Mann vs. Machine mode.

How much is a golden frying pan worth?

Finally, I used this site to get the value of gold per gram. At the time of writing, the value is £22.

What are the chances of getting a golden frying pan?

According to this, admittedly old, chart, the chance to get any australium at all is ~0.

Is the Golden Wrench tradable?

The Golden Wrench is a distributed melee weapon unique to the Engineer. It is similar to a regular Wrench, but the majority of it is made out of Australium....
Golden Wrench
Released:J Patch
Availability:Distributed (expired)

Where can I find gold wrenches?

And here's where they are:

  • At the tippy top of Lockie's lighthouse.
  • At the base of the pipe structure in the Shanty Town.
  • In the hand of the Pipe Man in the south.
  • On a pipe coming out of a building in the northeastern part of Steamy Stacks.
  • On the western side of Dirty Docks, down at the bottom of some pipes in a pit.

Where is the golden llama?

The location of Midas' golden llama. This location is in the middle of the triangle created by the gas station and junkyard found in G4 and the RV campsite, which is to the north of this building in G3. Since Midas' golden llama is neither a landmark nor a location, it will never appear on the map.

Where are all 5 golden pipe wrenches?

All five of the wrenches are found around the edges of the map, so we're going to work clockwise.

  • H2: Steamy Stacks golden pipe wrench.
  • H4: Dirty Docks golden pipe wrench.
  • D8: Pipeman golden pipe wrench.
  • B6: Shanty Town golden pipe wrench.
  • C1: Lockie's Lighthouse golden pipe wrench.

Where are Midas Golden Wrench?

The first can be found at the foot of the pipe model in the south-west portion of the map - that's B6 on the map, north of The Rig. A second golden pipe wrench can be found at the top of Lockie's Lighthouse in the northern area of the map - head to C3.