Is Intel Core i7 4790k good for gaming?

Is Intel Core i7 4790k good for gaming?

i7-4790k is even better, so yeah, still good IMO. Realistically, any overclocked i7 (going all the way back to the 860) is going to be great for gaming. You'll be hampered by your GPU significantly more than by your CPU. Your 4790k won't be a problem for years.

Is 4790k worth overclocking?

If you're the type to push every bit of performance out of your CPU, then yes overclock it, but stability will depend on your motherboards capability and voltages (which tie into temps). If you don't have sufficient cooling power, you may not be able to overclock it to 4.

Is the i7 7700 good for gaming?

You should be good with an 7700 and a 2070 super, for the majority of games. In some of the newer, more CPU intensive games you might start to notice slight stuttering but it should be far from unplayable.

Should I upgrade my i7 7700?

If your 7700 does everything you need it too and you want to upgrade for the sake of upgrading, I'd advise against it. If you want upgrading because the 7700 is holding back the rest of your system, then I say go for it. ... If you don't need to upgrade you are fine.

Is the i7 7700K still good in 2019?

AMD also has its much-discussed Ryzen 2nd Generation due for 2019, marking two highly anticipated CPU launches. All of this is relevant, because the i7-7700K is still a fully capable performer.

Is the i7 7700K outdated?

No 7700k is still good, the newer ones are based off the same architecture just more cores crammed in there. 7700k is still a pretty good performer.

How long will the i7 7700K last?

5 years min

Why is the i7 7700K so expensive?

Because the 7700k is no longer in production and is still a decent quad core performance, probably one of the best quad core performing processors right now, in fact until you add in 2 more cores you cant find very many processors from Intel that do out perform it.

Is Ryzen better than Intel for laptops?

AMD is finally delivering on laptops with the Zen 2-based Ryzen 4000 series which is more efficient than the Intel alternative at ~45W stock power levels and when boosted up near 75W. ... There is no doubt that in this comparison the XMG Core 15 with Ryzen 4000 inside is the better laptop for most productivity workloads.