What name means huntress?

What name means huntress?


What girl name means hunter?


What is a good hunter name?

Good Hunter Names

What are nicknames for Hunter?

Cute Nicknames for Hunter

  • Hun: A derivative of the name Hunter, and a shortened version of “Honey/Hunnie”, a term of endearment.
  • Hunny.
  • Huntie: A cute nickname that sounds like “Aunty”.
  • Hottie.
  • Hunter-Bear.
  • Hunter-Bug.
  • Hunner Bunner.
  • Hunny Bunny.

What is the most rare name for a boy?

Rare Baby Names for Boys

  • Josiah. ...
  • Kapono. ...
  • Keanu. ...
  • Maverick. ...
  • Nathaniel. There are many of this name like Nathan or Nate. ...
  • Osvaldo. This name is a Spanish and Portuguese variant of the name “Oswald”. ...
  • Quentin. A very regal and unique name for your baby, which means “fifth”. ...
  • Riggs. This name has its origin in Old English.

What boy name means unique?

147 Baby Boy Names That Mean Unique
AadvayUnique; unparalleled; exclusive; having no like or equalBoy
Aarnik (आर्निक)being one of a kind or uniqueBoy
Aatulaya (आतुलया)Unique, the one who can't be compared or incomparableBoy
AbadiyaName of a famous author known for his unique styleBoy

What is a cute boy name?

The Cutest Names For Baby Boys

  • Cute Names For Boys.
  • A. Aiden, Arlo, Asher, August, Axel.
  • B. Bentley, Bishop, Blake, Brody, Brooks.
  • C. Caleb, Campbell, Caspian, Charlie, Cody, Colby, Cole, Cooper, Crosby.
  • D. Dallas, Dawson, Dax, Donovan, Duke, Dustin, Dylan.
  • E. Easton, Elias, Emerson, Ender, Ezra.
  • F. Finley, Finn, Ford.
  • G.