Can you play Guild Wars 2 with a controller?

Can you play Guild Wars 2 with a controller?

It totally can! Once I got GW2 working with my steam controller I started enjoying the game far more! Yes, Me and my wife have been playing with controller for 5 years and we are both consistent plat players. We raid, wvw, pvp, do jumping puzzles and pve with no problem at all.

How do I bind a steam controller to a key?

Select “Manage Game” and then select “Controller Configuration”. You'll see Steam's complex button-remapping screen. Whatever type of controller you have, you can use this interface to link the controller's buttons to different mouse and keyboard events.

How do you get out of Big Picture mode on steam?

To exit this mode, click or press your controller's “A” button while focused on the “Exit” button in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Another quick way to go into and out of Big Picture's fullscreen mode is to press ALT + ENTER on your keyboard.

Can I use my controller as a mouse?

Open the main Steam window and head to Settings > Controller > General Controller Settings. Check the box for your controller—PlayStation, Xbox, Switch Pro, or Generic—and you should now be able to move your mouse with the right stick on your controller.

Can I use Xbox controller as mouse?

How to Control the Windows Desktop With an Xbox or Steam Controller. ... But with some third party software, you can use an Xbox 360 or Xbox One controller as a mouse and keyboard. If you have one of Valve's Steam controllers, it'll work as a mouse and keyboard on your desktop with no additional tweaks required.

Why is my controller acting like a mouse?

PSA:How to fix your controller from acting like a mouse in desktop mode. ... Go to control panel, then go to Mouse. Click the hardware tab and you should see two of "HID-compliant mouse", find the one that has it's location set as AlphaMouse, then go to properties and disable the device.

Can I use my PS4 controller as a mouse?

Can I Use a PS4 Controller as a Mouse? When paired over Bluetooth to a Windows 10 device, a PS4 controller can be used as a mouse by holding down the PS button and rotating the R3 analog stick. You can also enable the option in DS4 Windows.

How do I stop my mouse controller from moving?

Click the hardware tab and you should see two of "HID-compliant mouse", 3. Find the one that has it's location set as AlphaMouse, then go to properties and disable the device. Now your joystick won't move your mouse cursor, but we're not done.

Can you use PS4 controller on PS5?

You can still use a PS4 DualShock on your PS5, but only to play backwards compatible PS4 games. You can't use it to play PS5 games directly on the console. However, you can use a DualShock controller to remotely play PS5 games on your phone, tablet, PC, or Mac through the Remote Play app.

How do I remap my PS4 touchpad?

Go to the accessibility settings and then go to controller, you'll be able to switch the buttons however you want. Only catch is, you have to turn it off if you want to play other games normally lol. The remap saves though and you can rename it too something like "fortnite" lol.

What is the purpose of the touchpad on PS4 controller?

The touch pointer feature allows you to use a controller to perform touch operations like you would on a PS Vita system. To use the touch pointer, set a checkmark in [Use Touch Pointer in Games] on the screen that is displayed when you press and hold the PS button. You can use the touch pointer in supported games.

How do I turn off the touchpad on my PS4?

Press the touchpad (button)+ PS button and it will disable the touchpad but not the touchpad buttons.

Is DS4windows safe?

DS4windows is safe and the best one but still wasn't plug and play most of the time like a Xbox contoller is. Steam and other attempts at DS4 compatibility are bad. I use a cheap bluetooth dongle with my Xbox controller and don't have any issues. The steam support for the ds4 isn't bad at all.

Is DS4 good for PC?

Runner-up: Sony DualShock 4 (PS4) Controller Another good choice is the DualShock 4 controller. ... The DualShock 4 can also be cheaply recharged via Micro USB, so there's no need to keep buying batteries. However, you will need to install third-party software to get the controller working on Windows.

Can I use PS4 controller on PC without Bluetooth?

You can do this in two ways – either via a USB cable or via Bluetooth. To connect the PS4 DualShock controller to your PC via a USB cable you just need a regular micro USB cable – the same one that comes with many modern smartphones.