Who is the voice of Yasuo?

Who is the voice of Yasuo?

Liam O'brien

Who is ezreal's voice actor?

Daniel Amerman

Is Sam Riegel married?

Quyen Tran

Did Artagan kill VAX?

Artagan then, exactly as promised, chokes Vax to death. The body turns to ash, and Grog gathers up the equipment. Artagan invites the remainder of the party to rest and "play".

Do vex and Percy get together?

It was during the ritual that Vex finally confessed her feelings for Percy, unsure whether or not he heard her, and sealed it with a kiss. He was shortly resurrected afterward thanks to her efforts along with those of Pike and Keyleth.

Do VAX and Keyleth get together?

At the end of her very long life, Keyleth steps into her raven tree to become one with the earth, and her soul is finally reunited with Vax.

Why is Vox Machina called Vox Machina?

However, they decided to rename themselves to something more professional when in game they were meeting with nobles. They eventually decided on "Vox Machina", which is Latin for Sound Machine and a nod to their roles as voice actors.

Who died in Vox Machina?

Campaign 1: Vox Machina
Character NameEpisodeKilled By
Scanlan Shorthalt"Raishan" (1x80)Raishan
Scanlan Shorthalt"The Deceiver's Stand" (1x83)Raishan
Percival de Rolo"The Deceiver's Stand" (1x83)Raishan
Vax'ildan"Tangled Depths" (1x88)The Kraken

How much HP did vecna?


Are fjord and Jester together?

Laura Bailey (Jester) and Travis Willingham (Fjord) are married in real life, and have a son. Jester will often call Fjord "Oskar", the main love interest from her favorite romance novel "Tusk Love". Fjord and Jester both grew up in the Menagerie Coast.

What level are the mighty Nein now?

Level 9

Is Fjord still a warlock?

Mechanically, however, because Fjord is still a hexblade warlock, he can still use his charisma modifier to make melee attacks with a weapon that he is proficient with, and he can change this weapon once per day.

Is Yasha dead critical role?

In the battle after the Laughing Hand was brought back to life by Obann, Yasha fell under Obann's control as he died.

Is Fjord lawful good?

Furthermore, Fjord (and Jester) made a point of warning the Nein about the seriousness of committing crime on the Menagerie Coast, which in combination with Travis describing Fjord as Lawful Good, I will take to mean that while living in Port Damali he did actually act in a lawful manner.

Is Caleb in love with Jester?

Caleb fell in love with Jester, which has heavily influenced his goals and view of the world, and Jester has in turn come to rely on him as the person in the group who perhaps best understands and supports her.

How old is Jester now?

So, Jester is probably 20 or 21 years old. That fits with the timeline of the Traveler as well, btw. As for how long Jester might be able to live, I'm going off the PHB: Tieflings mature at the same age as Humans, but live a few years longer - so Jester can still look forward to maybe about 70+ years in Exandria.