Where are the soul shards SSO?

Where are the soul shards SSO?

A Soul Shard (2018) as seen in-game Since 2018, Soul Shards are obtained during by completing races in Galloper's Keep or by hunting for shards scattered throughout Jorvik.

How do I get to Gallopers keep SSO 2020?

To access Galloper's Keep, players must have finished the quest where Justin Moorland gives you a brush, a hoof pick and a bucket. After that, green portals surrounded by a large stony arch and fog will be placed in practically every major area in Jorvik.

Is spirit still in Star Stable?

No, Spirit will not be returning. He's returning to our friends at Dreamworks, who were kind enough to let him visit us for a period of time!

What is the max level in Star Stable?


How many horses can you have in Star Stable?

six horses

What is the fastest horse in SSO?

  • Zony.
  • Pepita.
  • Woodear.
  • Vega.
  • Umbra.
  • Tellina.
  • Kampos.

How many horses are in SSO 2020?

There are currently 36 horse breeds in Jorvik and you are free to own as many as you like!

How much does a Level 1 horse cost in Star Stable?

Total Cost Level 1 to Level 15 – 2625 Star Coins.

Where are the Jorvik Wild Horses 2020?

The Jorvik Wild Horse! Where can I get it? You can find one horse in Fort Pinta, and three in Valedale.

Can you get free star coins?

You cannot earn Star Coins. Depending on your Star Rider subscription you can receive Star Coins as a weekly allowance every weekend and additional Star Coins can be purchased from our website. You can also find special promotions on Star Coins in the Star Stable Store.

How much does it cost to transfer a horse to star stable?

This horse is totally unique for Star Stable Horses, and if you care for it until it reaches level 10, you'll be able to transfer it to Star Stable Online for 749 Star Coins!

How do I transfer my horse to star stable?

You can transfer your horse from the Star Stable Horses app by launching the app and clicking on the Star Stable logo on the bottom left corner of the screen. You will then be asked to type in your account details to complete the purchase.

Can you breed horses in Star Stable?

Our new app is called Star Stable Horses, and in it you have the chance to raise a tiny foal until it's big enough for you to ride on in Star Stable. That's right, you'll be able to transfer your foal over to Star Stable where you can buy it as your very own!

Can you sell horses on Star Stable?

Place the horse you want to sell in your pasture and double-click on it. ... Click on Sell this horse! You will receive 2500 Jorvik Shillings for the sale of your horse. Click on Yes to confirm the sale of the horse.

How many star coins do you get a week?

100 Star coins

Can you buy horses with jorvik shillings?

No. Horses can only be purchased with Star Coins.

How much is 950 star coins?

So a 950 SC horse costs between $6.

How can I get lifetime star rider for free?

How To Earn Free Lifetime Membership To Star Stable

  1. Step 1) Visit PointsPrizes.com and create an account. To create an account all you need to do is visit their website and submit your email address.
  2. Step 2) Earn Points. The next step is to earn all the points you'll need for your lifetime membership.
  3. Step 3) Claim Your Prize. ...
  4. Step 4) Redeem Your Code.

How do I get free Star Coins for 2020?

Star Stable Codes (Active)

  1. OPENHOUSERED – Redeem this code to get a exclusive items.
  2. OPENHOUSEBLUE – Redeem this code to get a exclusive items.
  3. RACEWITHME – Redeem this code to get 100 Star Coins (only for non-star riders)
  4. EXPLOREJORVIK – Redeem this code to get 100 Star Coins (only for non-star riders)

Can you give star coins to friends?

When your friend hits Level 15, you get a adorable pet frog. To claim your reward you have to go the “Recruit a Friend” tab on the Star Stable website and click on the reward. You will get the items sent to your in-game mailbox and the Star Coins will be sent to your account.

Can u play Star Stable on iPad?

You can download it to iPad but the game will not be optimized for it. We are also not able to provide technical support for iPad users. For the best experience we recommend you play on an iPhone!

How old is violet SSO?

21 years old

What time do you get Star Coins on Star Stable?

Star Coins (informally shortened to SC) are one of the two currencies in Star Stable Online. Star Coins cannot be obtained in game; they have to be bought from the game's official website. Star Riders receive 100 Star Coins every Saturday until the player's subscription runs out.

Can you get a free horse on Star Stable?

A HORSE! The Rune Runner horse is ridden by the Wild Wardens of the north, and if you manage to prove yourself, you'll get one of these beautiful Starbreeds as a gift from the Druids! Pick up unique rewards, leading up to a free horse!

How much is Star Stable lifetime?

Monthly subscriptions are one month for $7.

Can Star Stable play online?

Star Stable is a 3D online horse game for girls and boys of all ages. Players are able to chat with friends and build solid relationships. You start at Moorland Stables, where the player is cheerfully greeted by Justin Moorland, son of the owner of the stable, Thomas Moorland.

Can you be a boy in Star Stable?

Star Stable is a game with a focus on female heroines, but that doesn't mean that boys can't play Star Stable. There are lots of games where you can only choose male characters and we want to show that girls can also be heroes. Every boy is more than welcome to be part of this fantastic and magical world!

Did Star Stable shut down?

We've all been waiting for some good news, and we're now ready to tell you that Star Stable is now back to normal. The batteries providing backup power to our servers exploded on Wednesday afternoon, meaning that the hardware behind the game unexpectedly shut down.

What age is Star Stable for?