Is Soraka strong?

Is Soraka strong?

Early game soraka is one of the most oppressive supports in the game. Your Q does a lot of damage until lvl 5 compared to what the enemy team normally throws at you and to top it all off, you heal yourself with it. Q isn't extremely hard to hit if you time it with the enemy adc trying to last hit.

Is Soraka top good?

What makes Soraka so strong in the top lane is her ability to sustain with low mana cost abilities that heal herself for a significant amount. She can negate any trade damage with her Q's self-healing and movement speed, and go relatively even with most top lane champions.

Does Soraka top Still Work?

No longer, once the patch goes live on February 20th Soraka will not be a viable top lane pick. For more on G2 Esports content or other LoL esports content, check out Mani's other articles here.

Is Soraka a good champion?

Soraka is a good egg and an easy champion to learn (and to climb with). It's pretty hard to not control your laner when you're playing as Soraka, and she can provide tons of utility for the team, no matter where she is.

Is Soraka good late game?

As for the late game, Soraka's immense healing makes her a primary target for the enemy team, so if they've got plenty of assassins or burst mages, you must be confident in your movement or confident in another option in the support role.

Should you focus Soraka?

Every fight is situational, but in general it's a good idea to get Soraka low and/or kill her. If she's low enough, she won't be able to provide additional sustain for her ADC, and she'll have to leave the fight or die.

Who does Sona counter?


How do you play against Bard?

Play Blitzcrank! Bard is almost as squishy as Sona, and as long as you don't get stunned you can kill him basically any time you hit a hook after level 2, or at least force flash/heal and recall. Take Ignite, play passive level 1 (try to push wave for early level 2 if they let you) and then just murder him.

What ADC goes well with Bard?

An adc who can punish early since bard can chunk if he hid an AA, Q. Imo Jhin, Trist, Draven, Twitch. Jhin, Cait and MF. Ezreal is also decent i guess.

Who works best with Thresh?

Lucian, Jinx, Varus, Ashe, Sivir also have good winrates with Thresh, but Thresh has slightly lower winrates paired with those than his average. Lucian is one of the strongest, as if Thresh hits a hook, Lucian can win most skirmishes.

Can thresh be ADC?

He can. The entire point to ADC Thresh is the ability to one-shot targets with his Flay passive.

Is thresh a good champion?

But, for right now, it's hard to argue against the fact that Thresh is the best-designed champion in League of Legends. His utility, his longevity, his presence in pro play, and how fun he is to play in solo queue all contribute to this champion's popularity amongst the community.