Where can I buy companion gifts Swtor?

Where can I buy companion gifts Swtor?

There are companion gift vendors at fleet and capital cities. Use you map and mouse over the vendors. You'll find them. In Kass City it's the first vendor you see by the crew skill trainers.

How do you give gifts in swtor?

Just take the companion out, then go into your inventory. Then you just need to right click the gift and it'll go through a 3 or so second channel thingy to give it to them. Summon the companion you want to give a gift to. Click the gift you want to give.

How do I equip my companion in swtor?

Open up your character-sheet. Press the Companion tab. Open up your bag and then R-click the gear you wish to use for your companion. You can also drag each piece of equipment onto each and every slot.

How do I change my companion appearance in swtor?

1. Simply by changing their armor. Most of the main, humanoid companions have armor and weapon slots just like characters. The armor and weapons don't affect the companion's stats, so any armor/weapon that's allowable to be used by the companion will work.

Where do I get companion customization Swtor?

Where can I buy them? Fleet – Security Key Vendor – in the big circle around the cantina. N/A – not available in game – possibility on the Ilum customization vendor (not the one on the orbital station) who has an empty inventory atm.

Can you play swtor on Android?

Jedis! And now you can get a piece of that awesome experience on your Android phone! Except that you can't. ...

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