Is i9 9900k future proof?

Is i9 9900k future proof?

So, for gaming, you've probably got the typical 4 years gaming at the top, especially with the new 10XX gen being slightly slower than the 9th Gen due to them fixing the Spectre and other bugs from their hardware. So if 6 years is future-proofed to you then yeah it's future-proofed.

Is Ryzen 7 2700x overkill?

Yes, definitely overkill for what you do, an R5 2600(x) should be plenty for you, a decent amount cheaper than the 2700x and not a whole lot more than a 2200g/2400g. ... Anyway i wouldn't quite call a 2700x overkill if you have the budget to afford one.

Should I get i9 9900K or i7 9700k?

The only situation where i9 9900k can be overclocked to similar speed as i7 9700k is when they are both cooled with LN2 (liquid nitrogen) so the thermal envelope is not a limiting factor. However, for day-to-day gaming use with a good air cooler or closed-loop water cooler, i7 9700k should be a better choice.

Is i7-9700k worth it 2020?

It's clear that if you're in the market for a mainstream gaming CPU, the Core i7-9700K is a winner. Much of the Core i7-9700K's advantage in graphics performance for 3D gaming comes down to the games themselves and not necessarily the capabilities of the CPU, however.

Should I get i7 8700K or i7-9700k?

Comparatively, the Intel Core i7-8700K starts at a tick higher 3.

Do i9 processors run hot?

Intel Core i9-10900K 10 Core Flagship CPU Runs Very Hot & Consumes 235W Power at 4.

Should I get an i9 for gaming?

Desktop, non-HEDT i9s such as the i9–9900K are remarkably good for gaming: they have blisteringly fast single-core and quad core speeds, which are the most important for gaming.

Are i9 processors good for gaming?

A stupidly fast gaming CPU that's cheaper than its predecessor, but you'll need a new motherboard and some serious cooling to make the most of it. When Intel declared their 9th Gen Core i9-9900K was the world's fastest gaming CPU at the end of 2018, it came at an astronomical cost.

Why is i9 bad?

Power Consumption And Overclocking The stock Intel cooler will be grossly inadequate for this CPU, so a good aftermarket cooler is a must. Overclocking results aren't great either, the i9-9900K gets very hot when clocked above 4.

Is an i7 overkill?

For purely gaming, yes an i7 is pointless. It performs only marginally than an i5, and the price difference is almost always better spent on a better GPU. Lots of games still only use 2 cores, though 4 is more common nowadays I think. Strictly for gaming purposes an i7 is a complete waste of money.