How did the Forsaken break free?

How did the Forsaken break free?

The demons were infuriated that the Scourge rebelled against them. Illidan struck Icecrown and Ner'zhul began to weaken. While his power waned, many undead in Lordaeron were able to break free and gain free will. ... The dreadlords were unable to fight the scourge's numbers so fled to plot their reprisal.

Who leads the Forsaken now?

The front runner is Lilian Voss She appears in Shadows Rising and we see her throughout Battle for Azeroth acting as a somewhat unwilling advocate for the Forsaken. It was Lilian who reached out to both Derek Proudmoore — who she defends as a Forsaken in the novel against the entire Horde Council — and Calia.

Will of the Forsaken Shadowlands?

Will of the Forsaken is a Forsaken racial trait which removes any Charm, Fear, or Sleep effect. The ability does not remove the horrify from Death Coil or deep slumber effects such as during the Mograine event in Scarlet Monastery.

How did the Forsaken come to be?

Defeated during an attack on her kingdom and transformed into a powerful Scourge banshee, Sylvanas had also regained her freedom from the Lich King. Under their new queen's guidance, the independent undead – known as Forsaken – established the Undercity beneath the ruins of Lordaeron's capital.

Why is sylvanas a banshee?

The two heroes fought one on one, and Arthas killed Sylvanas. But that wasn't enough for the sadistic nutjob. Saying he would not give her the peace of death, Arthas brought Sylvanas's spirit back in the form of a banshee. Arthas's magic had put Sylvanas completely in thrall to the Lich King, Ner'Zhul.

Who is the leader of the Horde WoW?

Garrosh took over as Warchief from Thrall, who founded the modern Horde as it exists in WoW. The change was made when Thrall stepped down after the events of Wrath of the Lich King.

What is the purpose of the Lich King?

The Lich King -- the entity, not Ner'zhul, was a creation of Kil'jaeden. This entity was specifically designed to use death as a tool to conquer worlds, and given the ability to raise the dead and rule over it telepathically, holding the Scourge under its thrall.