Is swordmaster good Bravely Default?

Is swordmaster good Bravely Default?

Swordmaster is a very good class. It has auto-counter and A rank in armor. The only edge Pirate has over Swordmaster is that Pirate can use axes, which have higher attack than katanas.

How do you get the Pirate job in Bravely Default?

You unlock Pirate by defeating Barbarossa in chapter 3. You get a side quest from Zatz and Datz that talks about a ghost ship. You have to go to a foggy area, then choose to enter. The location changes between north of the Grandship and southwest of the Grandship.

Is Salve maker Good Bravely Default?

Salve-Maker is one of the best support classes in Bravely Default, as we've discussed in our complete Job guide.

How do you become a vampire in Bravely Default?

The Vampire is a job in Bravely Default, obtained by defeating Lord DeRosso in Vampire Castle. The Vampire job is similar in nature to the classic Blue Mage, in that users can gain and wield the abilities of enemies. They can inflict some status ailments, namely Charm, and draining the stats and BP of their enemies.

How do you beat the vampire in Bravely Default?

The key to this battle is taking it slow. Do not try to rush him or you WILL die. Default a lot, take his attacks, try to prevent him from building up BP. Eventually, you will wear him down.

How do I beat Lord DeRosso?

OT: DeRosso actually has a very predictable pattern that can be used to beat him. When he absorb BP, it means he will use a stronger party-wide melee attack (Energy Burst) the next turn that costs an extra BP. Defaulting and raising your defenses can help you through this.

How do you beat Qada salve maker?

Press the attack after he spends his BP on Dark Breath to take him out before he can recover. If you have a Thief hand, you can try to steal a Phlogiston off of him. When Qada breathes his last, he'll drop a Dragon Fang, and the Salve-Maker Job Asterisk will be yours!