How do I get a guild stronghold in swtor?

How do I get a guild stronghold in swtor?

Guild Strongholds To buy a Guild Stronghold, visit the Stronghold Directories on the Fleet. Choose the Stronghold you want to buy for your Guild, and make sure you have enough Credits in your Guild Bank to pay for it.

How do Guild invasions work Swtor?

The Guild Invasions tab shows the Conquest Points your guild needs to earn accumulated from all characters' personal conquests for the week. ... To unlock it you need to choose a planet to invade and a Yield for it. Until you commit to a planet to invade, you cannot see your guild's progress.

How does conquest work Swtor?

Conquests are a way of completing rotating weekly objectives in Star Wars: The Old Republic to earn some great rewards by playing different parts of the game. You gain points by completing certain tasks like flashpoints or warzones, which change each week.

How do you make war supplies invasion force?

Crafting: War Supplies: Invasion Force Invasion Forces can be crafted by combining one of each of the normal war supplies. They have no direct use, but can either be used to craft Dark Projects or donated for conquest points.

How do you whisper in swtor?

oh. yeah. You can totally STILL just /r to reply to tells... and also, just click on someone's name to whisper them.

How do I invite to guild Swtor?

Another way to invite someone is just have them presently in front of you. Target them and type out /guild and then hit enter.

How do I invite to guild?

Use the Guild pane of the Friends List window:

  1. Click Add Member button (bottom-right of the window).
  2. Enter player name to invite to guild and click Invite.