Is loot safe to buy from?

Is loot safe to buy from?

They are a fully legit shop. Often better even than the big ones like takealot.

How are delivery charges calculated?

If you plan to charge $45 an hour, for example, that's 75 cents per minute. If a delivery takes 30 minutes, your quote would be $22.

How much is Takealot delivery?

Answer. Standard delivery is FREE for orders totalling R450 or more. You can view all our delivery options here to find out how much it costs and how long each option takes.

Can you pay cash on Takealot?

Can I pay with cash? ... Important: Currently we only accept cash payments when the Cash on Delivery option is selected. Credit & Debit Card or any other digital payments won't be accepted on delivery. If your whole order is eligible for COD, it will be displayed as a payment option for you to select at checkout.

Does Superbalist sell fake?

We can confirm that all @EsteeLauderSA products sold on site are genuine. In some instances packaging has changed which has caused confusion.

How much does a Takealot driver earn?

How much does in South Africa pay? The average monthly salary ranges from approximately R 4 795 per month for Packer to R 7 861 per month for Cataloguer. Average weekly pay ranges from approximately R 1 174 per week for Packer to R 1 789 per week for Driver.

How many parcels does a courier deliver a day?

On a typical day a driver has 150-200 parcels to deliver.

How do you make money on Takealot?

How do I sell something on Takealot?

  1. Register through their seller portal. How to register as a seller on Takealot? ...
  2. List your products. Once you have registered, the next step is to list the products that you want to sell. ...
  3. Set a price. ...
  4. Allocate the quantity of the products listed. ...
  5. Get the products available.

What do bolt drivers earn?

According to Bolt, drivers earn up to R8,000.