What is Flex DPS?

What is Flex DPS?

projectile damage heroes

What is a flex support?

For most of professional Overwatch, Flex Support has pretty much been defined as: any hero that isn't Lucio. As Flex Support, your role could be to put out large amounts of healing but you are not always the main healer. In fact, you may play anything from Torbjorn to Roadhog, Soldier to Zenyatta.

Who is DPS in overwatch?

DPS is actually a general gaming term that stands for “Damage Per Second”. It's generally used to describe characters that are primarily used for offensive output, rather than for defensive, healing, or battlefield control abilities. In Overwatch, specifically, think characters like Tracer, Soldier, Hanzo, Genji, etc.

What is flex role in overwatch?

Flex just means you can play multiple roles as a player. A DPS player plays DPS. A tank player plays tanks. A support player plays support. A flex player is a player that can play more than 1 of these.

What are flex players?

A "flex player" is also known as a "wild card player" in fantasy football. The flex player position is a spot in a team's starting lineup which allows the owner to choose a player from two or more different positions. ... Flex positions have become much more common in the last 10 to 15 years of fantasy football.

Is Sigma a good tank?

His rock stun comes in handy for canceling ultimates or charges, he can eat damage and some ult fire, and his shield is convenient. Using gravitic flux can give your team a brief break to recover or alow for excellent combos and that's even without comms. Sigma is a good tank he isn't over powered like he used to be.

Is Zarya an off tank?

Typically Main Tank heroes are thought to be Reinhardt, Winston and Orisa. ... The Offtank role on a team is usually filled by players that play tank characters that are not specified as Main Tanks, such as Zarya, Dva, Roadhog, and Sigma.

Is Orisa a main tank?

Orisa. Orisa is a highly effective main tank due to her excellent abilities which work together to punish enemies who push into your team.

Is Genji a boy or a girl?

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Profile:Genji can often be found swapping stories with the mayor and running races with Aziz. When he's not hobnobbing with the village brass or racing to beat the band, he's penning poems to his friends. He's a real renaissance rabbit!

What does Genji say during his ultimate?

Genji Shimada shouts "Ryujin no ken wo kurae!" when he uses his ultimate, which roughly translates to "Take my Dragonblade!".