How does alliance get desolace?

How does alliance get desolace?

Desolace is immediately south of Charred Vale. Gnomes and Dwarves: Head to Ironforge. Walk out of Ironforge and head east then north to the Wetlands. Continue following the road to the western edge of the Wetlands to find Menethil Harbor.

How do I get from stonetalon to desolace?

Horde Race This Zeppelin will take you to Origimmar in Kalimdor. You will now move to Barrens in South-West and then enter Stonetalon Mountains in North-West from Greatwood Vale. Now, take path to Sunrock Retreat and then enter the Charred Vale. This path will get you to Desolace.

Where is Talondeep?

The Talondeep Path is a winding tunnel that connects Ashenvale with Stonetalon Mountains. Although it is riddled with small dead ends and interesting holes in the walls, there are no friendly NPCs nor hostile mobs inside.

How do I get to azshara from ashenvale?

Getting There From Forest Song in Ashenvale, follow the road east into Azshara. The Alliance outpost Talrendis Point is just over the river. Horde: From Splintertree Post in Ashenvale, travel along the road east into Azshara.

Where is Mystral Lake ashenvale?

Mystral Lake is located in south-central Ashenvale, just south of Silverwind Refuge and east of the Talondeep Path.

Where is Ordil Aran?


Where is silverwind refuge in ashenvale?

is located in south-central Ashenvale, just north of Mystral Lake and southwest of Greenpaw Village. It is a night elf settlement that contains quest givers, vendors, a hunter trainer, a pet trainer, a skinning trainer, an herbalism trainer, and an alchemy trainer.

Where is Zoram Strand on the map?

is a stretch of beach in the northwest corner of Ashenvale in Kalimdor. Meanwhile the Horde have set up an outpost (Zoram'gar Outpost) in the southern part of the strand, while the rest of the area has fallen to the Naga.

Where is the ashenvale Moonwell?

Shaeldryn's Moonwell. Southern Moonwell. is located in the northern part, east of Iris Lake and west of the Raynewood Retreat.

Where do I turn Felcloth into mooncloth?

The purification of tainted Felcloth into Mooncloth can only be done at a moonwell, and only ocassionally will the waters permit themselves to be used in such a way.