Can you do BRD without key?

Can you do BRD without key?

You can do a full BRD clear without the key or any sort of lock picking method, just requires taking a less direct route.

How do I get the dark coffer key?

The Dark Keeper Key drops from one of six possible Dark Keepers which spawn after a party member looks at the portrait in the Black Vault anteroom. This key is needed to open the Dark Coffer in the Black Vault. Each Keeper spawns in a different location, which the portrait gives clues to.

What is Black Blood of the Earth?

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What level can I run BRD?

You certainly don't need to be level 60, but you're unlikely to get a full clear at level 52. BRD is really 2 dungeons in one that you can do in many variations. The lower part is 48-54 and the upper is 55-60. Its rare that groups do a proper lower BRD run.

What level should I be for lower Blackrock Spire?


What key do you need for UBRS?

The Key to UBRS is not a key it's a Ring. Approach UBRS door and it will just open for you. Seal drops from about any mob easy to get, you can only carry one.

How do you summon Solakar in Flamewreath?

In order to spawn this guy you need to go into the rookery(the room with the dragon eggs) and activate father flame. The father flame is a small red obilisk on the far left side of the rookery.