Is there an end to soda dungeon?

Is there an end to soda dungeon?

See, Soda Dungeon 1 didn't really have an endgame until we realized that players were pushing far beyond the game's core 1000 levels. The relics + essence system were our way of saying "go nuts! have fun!" It wasn't until later that we added caps, the dimensional shop, the Lair of Despair, and more.

What is the best team in soda dungeon?

Yes, that is not a typo, the best team for high level is 3 Dark Mages 1 Thief and Knight. Equip everyone with any items you have that will increase gold find. For relics only bother upgrade magic dmge + and gold find and or essence find. Your mages should one shot most things, if you need upgrade some mana.

What is the fastest way to get gold in soda dungeon?

First 500 Levels When/if you check your computer, try to stop auto on a boss and steal from them. This will get you gold faster, something that everyone wants in Soda Dungeon. Every time you get a lot of money either save it up or spend it on essence.

What is the best team in soda Dungeon 2?

Best Team Builds When it comes to farming loot, the best set-up to use would be; Nurse Carpenter, Thief Carpenter, and Mystic Carpenter. This team set-up works really well with finding and collecting loot. Try equipping the team with a 'Heal Stone' so they'll have enough HP to make it through the mission.

What does drink zero do in soda dungeon?

Drink Zero is the tenth and last regular soda you can purchase and will set you back 100,000 gold.

How many dimensions are in soda dungeon?

11 Dimensions

How do you get battle credits in soda Dungeon 2?

In Soda Dungeon 2, quick battle credits are earned when you are away from the game. You will obtain one credit for each minute of inactivity. Once you are back, don't forget to claim credits that were accumulated when you were offline.