Is Westfall contested?

Is Westfall contested?

Westfall provided me with my first taste of Alliance blood as a Hordie. Blame my penchant for getting distracted from leveling easily. It's not a contested zone, but half the fun is the silent interaction between two lowbies of opposite factions trading emotes.

What level is Westfall Classic?


What level should I go to Westfall?

level 12

Where do I go after Elwynn Forest?

What I would do is go Loch Modan, do all the quest you can, then fly over to SW and do Westfall. Once you've done what you can in Westfall, you're probably ready to start in Redridge. I'd go back to the loch after maybe a couple Redridge quests.

How do I get to Loch Modan from Elwynn Forest?

To get to Loch Modan from SW you have to take the deeprun tram in Dwarven District. That way you get to Ironforge. Then you go out of Ironforge. When you've gone down the hill from the city you turn left.

How do I get to duskwood alliance?

Getting there Horde: From Grom'Gol in Stranglethorn Vale, follow the main road north across the bridge across the chasm and right into Duskwood. Alliance: From Three Corners in the Redridge Mountains, follow the road south across the bridge into Duskwood. From Westfall, by crossing the bridge to the east.

Is duskwood a good game?

It is not a particularly active game. There is no fighting or battling. But there is great cerebral fun in uncovering clues and working your way towards solving the mystery of Hannah's disappearance. ... It isn't perfect, but Duskwood offers a genuine mystery that feels immediate and personal.

What is the Emerald Dream wow?

The Emerald Dream (also known as the Dream of Creation,Green Dream or simply the Dream) is an ethereal, vast, ever-changing world of spirits and untamed nature, that exists outside the boundaries of the physical world, and is the verdant realm of the Dragon Aspect Ysera.