What is Guild score BDO?

What is Guild score BDO?

The most basic method to gain guild score is to accomplish guild mission. Depending on the size of guild and type of the guild, from minimum of 500 to maximum of 24000 guild skill experience can be obtained. If the guild accomplishes 100% of the guild skill experience, the guild can earn 2 guild points.

How do you increase guild activity in BDO?

You will gain guild activity every time you contribute to your guild experience. This can be done by leveling up a profession, gaining contribution points or increasing your maximum energy. The fastest way to earn a lot of guild activity is by contributing to guild missions.

How do I change Guild leader in BDO?

Guilds may change their guild leadership through the "Guild" menu page in-game. Click "Manage" > Set Guild Master > Type in the new name > Click "OK". Exception: If a Guild Master has been inactive for more than a year, one member from the guild can request leadership be passed.

How do you promote a guild in BDO?

Promote - Enabling this will allow a player to promote other players within the guild. To do this, click on the name of the character you wish to promote in the guild roster and select “Promote”.

How do you get a guild elephant in BDO?

You must first craft a [Guild] Clearance Request, then take this to a Guild Manager and they will exchange it for a [Guild] Clearance Permit . After collecting all the materials, make sure they are in the Guild Storage and that you have at least level 1 Elephant Nursery at the Guild House.

How do I get a guild house?

Best Answer

  1. Press G.
  2. Click on Roster ( scroll icon )
  3. Under ranks double click to see Guild leader.
  4. Right click his name and select: TRAVEL TO PRIMARY RESIDENCE.
  5. You will automatically start to teleport.
  6. Welcome to your Guild Hall.

Where is the guild storage BDO?


How do I rent a storage container at BDO?

▲ You can rent a container using 10 contribution points from the Storage Keeper in town. ▲ Select [Place Mode] in the residence you've purchased. ▲ In [Place Mode], select the container in the furniture list and place it in the residence. ▲ When you open the container, you can see which town's storage you are using.

How can I get storage in BDO?

Storage in BDO is split into three categories:

  1. the players inventory (accessed by hitting by default "I")
  2. the personal Warehouses (accessed by interacting with a Warehouse Manager in the world or by opening a rented Storage Box in your Residence)
  3. the guild Warehouses (accessed through the door in the guild hall)

How long does it take to transport items BDO?

To transport a character will take a lot of time and you are much quicker just running between the towns. For example, moving Saarith from Velia to Heidel takes 60 minutes with the transport system, while running it takes about 5.

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Can you trade gold in BDO?

Gold can not be traded between player.

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