What is the opposite of stagger?

What is the opposite of stagger?

Antonyms for stagger. dive (in), plunge (in)

What is staggered delivery?

Staggered delivery period is the period beginning few working days prior to expiry of any contract and ending with expiry, during which sellers / buyers having open position may submit an intention to give / take delivery.

What is a staggered schedule?

Staggered time is an arrangement where employees can vary their start and end times to suit their work and personal commitments. ... An employee's hours of attendance are recorded and calculated at the end of each settlement period (e.g. a week or a month).

What does staggered payment mean?

Staggered Payment Meaning Staggered payment is an option under a term plan wherein the nominees receive a portion of the sum assured as a lump sum and the remaining money comes in form of monthly or annual payments. The duration of the payments varies from policy to policy.

What is tender period in commodity market?

Definition: Tender period refers to the time period before the expiry of the contract. Tender period is generally a few days. Tender period gives members of the contract the flexibility to make decisions till the time the contract expires.

What is commodity margin?

Commodity Margin Basics. In simplest of words, margin trading means borrowing money from the broker in order to make a trade. ... Due to margin, you do not have to pay the actual price of any commodity you are buying. You pay a percentage of the price and the rest is borrowed from the broker.

What is tender validity?


What is the tender process in construction?

In construction, tendering is a process for getting a contractor and agreeing on a price. Tendering is the process by which the client or employer invites contractors to place a bid for work on a construction project. Contractors' bids are based on the tender documents issued by the client.

What are the steps in tendering process?

Tender usually refers to the process whereby governments invite bids for large projects that must be submitted within a finite deadline. What is Tendering? Tendering is the process of making an offer, bid or proposal, or expressing interest in response to an invitation or request for tender.

How does tender process work?

A business tender is an offer to do work or supply goods at a fixed price. The tender or bid process is designed to ensure that the work to be done is given out in a fair way. ... Once the client entity accepts a tender, it is binding on both parties.

What are the types of tender?

The various types of tenders generally used are: open tender, selective tender, negotiated tender, serial tender and term tendering.

  • — Open Tendering. ...
  • — Selective Tendering. ...
  • — Negotiation Tendering. ...
  • — Term Tender. ...
  • The Tender Process is Determined. ...
  • Request for Tender is Prepared. ...
  • Tenders are Invited. ...
  • Suppliers Respond.

What are the two types of the tender?

4 Types of Tender and Tendering Processes

  • The 4 main types of tenders are: Open tender. ...
  • Open tender. Open tendering is the main tendering procedures employed by both the government and private sector. ...
  • Selective tender. Selective tendering only allows suppliers to submit tenders by invitation. ...
  • Negotiated tender. ...
  • Single-stage and two-stage tender.

What is tender and its type?

A tender is an offer in writing for executing certain specified work or supplying specified materials subject to certain terms and conditions like rates, time limit, specification etc. ... The open tender is for all reputed contractors, firms, PSU's and thus the tenders for the project are received on competitive basis.

What is a two stage tender?

Two stage tendering is a method of procurement where the employer seeks to appoint a contractor at an initial stage of the project based on an outline scope of work. ... There is then a second stage when the employer seeks to appoint a contractor for the construction works under a building contract.

What is the two stage process?

A two-stage production process assumes that the first stage transforms external inputs to a number of intermediate measures, which then are used as inputs to the second stage that produces the final outputs.

Which are the two bids in a two bid system?

All bidders/firms/contractors/suppliers are required to submit their tenders under TWO BID SYSTEM i.e Technical Bid and Price/commercial bid. Both these bids should be kept in separate envelopes and the type of bid such as price bid or technical bid should be clearly mentioned on top of the envelope.

What is the purpose of two stage tendering?

Two stage tendering is used to allow the early appointment of a contractor, prior to the completion of all the information required to enable them to offer a fixed price.

What is single-stage and two stage tender?

The main aim of the single-stage approach is to generate a firm price at the outset through a competitive tendering process, where-as the two-stage approach embraces a collaborative open book approach throughout the project.

What is negotiated tender?

A negotiated tender is effectively a single-stage tender carried out between the client and just one contractor. Thus negotiated tenders are obtained by the client, inviting one contractor of their choice to submit a tender response for the project.

What is tender design?

A negotiated tender is a transparent collaboration between a specialist builder, an architect and you the client. The builder is selected at the start of the design process for their reputation and experience based on the specific type of project. ... into the design drawings and specifications.

What documents are required to apply for a tender?

Which documents do I need to tender?

  • Standard Bidding Document 4 (SBD 4) - Declaration of interest. The declaration of interest records any existing relationship and/or acquaintance with the organ of state's employees. ...
  • Standard Bidding Document 6.

    How do I prepare construction documents to be tender?

    Preparing Contract (Tender) Documents for Construction Projects

    1. Instructions to tenderers.
    2. General and particular conditions of contract.
    3. The specification.
    4. Bill of quantities or schedule of prices.
    5. Tender and appendices.
    6. The contract drawings.

    How do you make a document tender?

    Over and above the requirements stated in the tender, the bidder should follow some critical rules when preparing the documentation as follows:

    1. Cover Everything Asked. ...
    2. Executive Summary. ...
    3. Illustrations & Graphics. ...
    4. Detailed Project Costing. ...
    5. The Team that will Execute the Tender. ...
    6. Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) ...
    7. Client Need.

    What are tender notices?

    A tender is an invitation to bid for a project or accept a formal offer such as a takeover bid. Tendering usually refers to the process whereby governments and financial institutions invite bids for large projects that must be submitted within a finite deadline.

    What is standard tender document?

    This Standard Tender Document (STD) is to be used for establishing a Framework Agreement for the procurement of Goods using National Competitive Tendering Procedures. The subsequent procurement of Goods is undertaken through a Secondary Procurement process and the award of a Call-off Contract.

    Why tender is required?

    These tender regulations are bought in to ensure that everything is fair and seen to be fair as well as ensuring that as many different types of companies can bid as possible. They typically include the following requirements: ... That all bids follow a Value for Money (VfM) criteria.