Where can I buy medium leather?

Where can I buy medium leather?

The best place to train or farm medium leather or medium hide in World of Warcraft would be Northern Stranglethorn or The Cape of Stranglethorn. Both are filled with beast that can be skinned. The only issue with this area is the amount of hostile players, if you don't mind PvP then these places will do you wonders.

How do you make light leather?

Wow Light Leather Farming Guide

  1. Alliance and Horde - Wetlands. The absolute best place to farm Light Leather is in the Wetlands (68,47) on the road southeast of Greenwarden's Grove. ...
  2. Horde - Hillsbrad Foothills. Kill Infested Bears. ...
  3. Alliance - Loch Modan. In the northeast part of Loch Modan kill the bears and boars.

Where can I find hardened leather in Witcher 3?

Hardened leather can be obtained by dismantling the following items:

  1. Bear hide.
  2. Cured draconid leather.
  3. Horse hide.

How do you harden leather armor?

You can also harden leather in in boiling water--considerably faster. In my experience, about a twenty second boil gives shrinkage to 7/8ths, about a forty second gives you a shrinkage to 2/3 and roughly doubles the thickness. That has the advantage of not requiring a thermometer.

How do you farm handful of insects Conan exiles?

These are commonly picked or harvested from desert brush and other flora. A hatchet or pickaxe may be used specifically to gather insects exclusively and avoid gathering other resources.