What is best class for Pandaren?

What is best class for Pandaren?

Rogue, Warrior and Hunter being the primary classes that represent the Shado-Pan i think are the most lore friendly directly. Making a few assumptions can easily bring Shadow Priest and Arcane Mage to the front as well (blood and arcane magic being mogu vocations and learned by the pandaren from them.)

Can monks reduce fall damage?

At 4th level, monks get the class feature Slow Fall: Beginning at 4th level, you can use your reaction when you fall to reduce any falling damage you take by an amount equal to five times your monk level.

What race is best for Monk DND?

Elf, High : Elves make good monks, this one is the weakest of them though. Elf, Wood : This is one of the best monk races in the entire game, bonuses to both your primary stats, proficiency in longbows, boosted movement speed, and even extra stuff to hiding, its got everything you like as a monk.

Can monks negate fall damage?

You take falling damage when you hit the ground, and at that point you fell, you are not falling anymore. Therefore, a Monk spends its reaction before taking damage.

What level do pandaren start at?

Their starting zone is the Wandering Isle, a giant turtle that wanders Azeroth's oceans. At the end of the island's questline (around level 10), players will be able to choose which faction (Alliance or Horde) to join, and will not be able to change afterward using in-game means.