How many Overwatch maps are there 2020?

How many Overwatch maps are there 2020?

21 There are 21 standard maps in Overwatch covering a broad range of objectives, strategies, and game modes. There are five Assault maps, six Escort Maps, five Hybrid maps, and five Control maps used for both quick and competitive play.

Will Overwatch get new maps?

Among the new content that's been confirmed for Overwatch's next installment are several new maps that will be added to the rotation, alongside new modes like Push. ... As of now, there are seven maps that have been confirmed for Overwatch 2.

Are there any new characters in Overwatch?

There will also be new characters and shared content between Overwatch and Overwatch 2, and all progress from the first game will carry over into the second. In some ways, the sequel feels like a massive expansion of the first, and the two games will have an unprecedented amount of synergy between them.