When can you cross Skyarrow bridge in Pokemon Black 2?

When can you cross Skyarrow bridge in Pokemon Black 2?

The player can access it after retrieving the Dragon Skull from Team Plasma. The bridge has two spans to support it across the water and loops off on the eastern entrance.

How do you revive fossils in Pokemon Black?

Once you've received the fossil from the backpacker in theRelic Castle inside the Resort Desert, you can head over the museum in Nacrene City to revive it.

How do I revive my archen?

You are correct. There's a Backpacker on the first floor, all the way to the left, just before the guy who says something about too much sand. The Backpacker will let you choose between the Plume Fossil and the Cover Fossil. The Plume Fossil can be revived into Archen, and the Cover Fossil into Tirtouga.

Which fossil is better helix or dome?

For those keeping score, here's how it breaks down in the simplest terms: Kabuto (Dome Fossil) will result in a faster, stronger physical fighter, but Omanyte (Helix Fossil) is much more of a tanky Pokemon, featuring high Defense and HP plus a hefty Special Attack stat that'll make special moves land very hard indeed.

Who is better Omastar or Kabutops?

Kabutops is a stronger physical Attacker and is a bit faster than Omastar, but Omastar makes up for the lack of speed with better physical Defense and HP, and is a strong Special Attacker. You can also just pick the one you think looks coolest.

Which fossil is better in Mt moon?

Kabuto has higher Attack and Speed ratings, whereas Omastar has better Defense and Special.

Why is the Helix Fossil God?

The most accepted interpretation about Gen 1 is that Helix was in a war against the God of Democracy, known as Lord Dome. When Red chose to carry the Helix Fossil, this gave the God of Anarchy the advantage.

Which fossil gives you Aerodactyl?

The Loop (Games)
Dome FossilKabuto
Helix FossilOmanyte
Old AmberAerodactyl
Claw FossilAnorith

Which fossil in fire red is better?

dome fossil

What is Lord Helix?

"Lord Helix", or "God" is the Helix Fossil (later became an Omanyte that evolved into Omastar) that became an object of worshipping during Red's Adventure in Twitch Plays Pokémon Red Version. He is the representation of everything good and father of Bird Jesus.

What Pokemon is Helix Fossil?


Where do I take the Helix Fossil?

You have to take the Helix or Dome fossil you found in Mount Moon to the Cinnabar Island Pokemon Laboratory. You can also take the Old Amber the scientist gives you in the Pewter City's Museum back door. You need HM01 (Cut) to get to the museum's back door. Helix gives you Omanyte, evolves into Omastar at level 40.

What is a Dome Fossil?

The Dome Fossil (Japanese: こうらのカセキ Carapace Fossil) is a Fossil introduced in Generation I that can be regenerated into Kabuto. It is the counterpart of the Helix Fossil.

Is Kabutops a good Pokemon?

Moreover, excellent abilities such as Weak Armor and Swift Swim allow Kabutops to mitigate its somewhat low base 80 Speed stat. ... However, when all is said and done, Kabutops is an excellent Pokemon and should be considered for almost any team.

How do you get Aerodactyl?

Completing a field research task is the easiest way to catch an Aerodactyl. It only requires you to complete 5 raids. Successfully completing this task means that you'll be rewarded with an Aerodactyl. This is a surefire way to catch this Pokemon.

What level do fossils start at?

level 10

What animal is Kabutops based on?

horseshoe crab

Can you breed the fossil Pokemon?

You aren't able to breed fossil Pokemon (even with Ditto), and you can only soft reset your game to shiny hunt fossils.

Can Breed Dracovish?

Can You Breed Dracovish? Unfortunately, getting Dracovish is a little bit more difficult than most Pokemon, due to it being a fossil. This means it cannot be bred, not even with Ditto! Your only option here is to get lots of Fossils and keep making new ones until they have decent IVs.

Is Silvally Breedable?

Silvally is the evolution of Type:Null. Silvally is breedable, with the Egg Group "Legendary", so it can only be bred with a Ditto to produce more Type:Null Eggs.

Which digging brother is better for fossils?

Both brothers have the ability to excavate fossils, but the skilled (left-hand side) brother is the better choice, because he can find all four types of fossils. The stamina, right-hand, brother, meanwhile, can only find two fossils depending on your version of the game.

Which of the digging duo is better?

They have differences in stats depending on which Brother you are talking to, the one on the left (Closest to the Nursery) has less stamina than his Brother, but he will find rarer items. The Brother on the right has more stamina, so he will dig for longer but will find items that are not as rare.

Can the digging duo find all fossils?

The two brothers can both dig out fossils. However, the chance is higher when digging with the Skill brother. The stamina brother, however, nets you more items, but digging a particular Fossil is much rarer.