Where is the flight master in auberdine?

Where is the flight master in auberdine?

Take a ride from Vesprystus to Auberdine. then go down the ramp from the FP and he will be right inside of the building on the left.

How do you get from auberdine to darnassus Classic?

Take the portal from Darnassus to the docks and ask the gryphon master for a ride to Auberdine — or you can take the boat to Auberdine. Either works.

How do I get to Stranglethorn Vale as Horde?

There are a couple of other, less efficient ways to get to Stranglethorn Vale. A ship out of faction-neutral Ratchet in the Southern Barrens travels to Booty Bay. You can also hop on the zeppelin to Undercity, and then take a flight down to Stranglethorn Vale, so long as you have connecting flight points.

How do you get to desolace Classic?

Just head south down through Charred Veil in the southwestern part of Stonetalon. Desolace is immediately south of Charred Vale. Gnomes and Dwarves: Head to Ironforge. Walk out of Ironforge and head east then north to the Wetlands.

How do I get to tanaris from Stormwind Classic?

Past level 80, the quickest way to is take the portal from Stormwind to Uldum and simply fly to Tanaris. Otherwise, take the Tram to Ironforge then fly (or walk) to Menethil harbor. From there, take the boat to Theramore and swim through Thousand Needles (south of Dustwallow Marsh) and right into Tanaris.