How do you counter Genji?

How do you counter Genji?

From a genji smurf : go Moira, Winston or zarya, anything that can't be deflected, road can be good if you catch the genji off guard but that doesn't happen too often... tanky teams counter genji. brig is also strong against him. winston, dva, reinhardt, zarya, roadhog are best against him.

How do you counter Reinhardt?

Reaper and McCree at close range can kill Reinhardt fairly easy, While other more long range heroes such as Bastion and Pharah are among the best Reinhardt Counters. Reinhardt works best as a team player.

Is Reinhardt the best tank?

Reinhardt is the best tank in the game, and for good reason. It isn't because the other tanks are weak—they are broken too— it is because they are completely eclipsed by Reinhardt. Rein is extremely oppressive, harder to counter than play, and gets way too much value for a tank.

Is Reinhardt good?

Reinhardt is the tank hero that relies the most on his team composition and team support to allow him to function. Without a Zarya and a lucio to enable him, you will have a hard time as a Reinhardt. On top of that, he is the most susceptible tank to doomfist,reaper and all forms of cc.

What is Doomfist counter?

Doomfist got lots of counters. Tanks: Orisa, Zarya and Hog, to prevent him from getting any value. Just gotta keep that bubble/hook/halt ready for him. DPS: Sombra, Pharah and Widow, who either outrange/incapacitate him.

Does Doomfist counter Genji?

He's a soft counter for sure because he has so many abilities that Genji can't block. He's not a hard counter, though, like Reaper is to Winston, that renders him ineffective.

How do you counter Pharah?

Pharah's weakness is how slow she moves while in the air. This makes it easy for heroes who can hit her while she is flying a good counter, such as McCree, Soldier: 76, Widowmaker, Bastion, and Roadhog. This Heroes can easily shot pharah out of the air given the chance, with or without their ultimate ability.

Does Reaper counter Doomfist?

Doomfist can get away of Reaper's range. ... Reaper counters Doomfist. Because of Doomfist big hitbox, Reaper can shred him.

How do you counter the MEI Reaper?

Mei is weak against Reaper because she can't last long enough to freeze him. His damage output is very high and if you even get close to freezing him he counters mei by using Wraith Form. You can also play McCree to do really well agaianst mei, he has high damage and can easily go around mei's wall if need to kill her.

How do you counter good Doomfist?

Roadhog and sombra are the best counters, a good mcree can make life hard for doomfist too... and if it is too hard don't play these heroes against Doomfist:Zenyatta, Soldier, Symmetra, they are all extremely easy to kill with doomfist.

How does Doomfist counter tank?

Orisa was made to be a direct counter to doomfist, and as most tanks get blown up by him, picking orisa/hog can hard counter doomfist. Orisas fortify allows you to body block punches, without being CC'd, and her pull can be used to “counter-cc” doomfist, disabling his ability to escape once he commits.

Who is Doomfist good against?

Doomfist can easily reach and neutralize enemies occupying high ground, such as snipers. He is most effective against low-mobility opponents, but susceptible to high-mobility opponents, such as Pharah, Soldier: 76, and Sombra.

Does Brig counter Doomfist?

Brig is the support that directly stops Doomfist.

How much damage does Seismic Slam do?

Slam the ground and cause a wave of destruction that deals 620% weapon damage to enemies up to 50 yards in front of you.

Who counters Sombra in overwatch?

The biggest counters are McCree, Brigitte, Mei, and Hanzo, but she's generally countered more by gameplay than by characters. McCree - He's going to be in the back-line of his team, which is exactly where Sombra needs to be in order to accomplish anything.

How much damage does Doomfist rocket punch do?

so Doomfist does a total of 250 points of damage if he rocket punches (full charge) someone into the wall? Yes.

What is Doomfists real name?

Akande Ogundimu

Why is Doomfist so bad?

Doomfist is one of the most hated heroes, regardless of his actual state. His playstyle is unorthodox, and he relies on delivering burst damage to players when they are either unaware of him, or have vital abilities on cooldown. ... He is one of the most hated for good reason.

Is Doomfist African?

As someone with Nigerian roots, I'm a fan of Overwatch's newest hero and fellow Nigerian, Akande Ogundimu — otherwise known as Doomfist. ... Doomfist is of Yoruba descent, according to his official bio; the ethnic group is one of the biggest in Nigeria.