Why is there a dot on i and j?

Why is there a dot on i and j?

The dot is just called superscript dot. It was added to the letter i in the Middle Ages to distinguish the letter (in manuscripts) from adjacent vertical strokes in such letters as u, m, and n. J is a variant form of i which emerged at this time and subsequently became a separate letter.

How do you type a Dotless I?

You can also input a dotless I … with the keyboard shortcut … Shift + Option + B or Shift + Alt + B. … …

Where did the saying cross your t's and dot your i's come from?

This expression presumably began as an admonition to school children to write carefully and is sometimes shortened. William Make peace Thackeray had it in a magazine article (Scribner's Magazine, 1849): “I have . . . dotted the i's.” [Mid-1800s].

What does dot the i mean?

phrase. If you say that someone dots the i's and crosses the t's, you mean that they pay great attention to every small detail in a task; often used to express your annoyance because such detailed work seems unnecessary and takes a very long time.

What does the idiom know the ropes mean?

phrase. If you know the ropes, you know how a particular job or task should be done.

What does bending over backwards mean?

to try extremely hard to help or to please someone: [ + to do sth ] She bent over backwards to help him.

What does the idiom bought the farm mean?

Question: What is meant by the phrasebought the farm”? Answer: It comes from a 1950s-era Air Force term meaning “to crash” or “to be killed in action,” and refers to the desire of many wartime pilots to stop flying, return home, buy a farm, and live peaceably ever after.

What does too old to cut the mustard mean?

To cut the mustard is “to reach or surpass the desired standard or performance” or more generally “to succeed, to have the ability to do something.” For instance, Beyoncé really cut the mustard in her new song.

Who cut the cheese expression?

This idiom references the foul smell emitted by some cheeses many of which have a rind that keep the odor in. Once the rind is pierced, as in the case of slicing it, the not so pleasant smell is released. This smell can be remarkably similar to one passing gas, depending on the cheese, and the person.

What does the idiom Bob's your uncle mean?

"Bob's your uncle" is a phrase commonly used in Ireland, the United Kingdom and Commonwealth countries that means "and there it is" or "and there you have it" or "It's done". Typically, someone says it to conclude a set of simple instructions or when a result is reached.

What does Fanny's your aunt mean?

A phrase with the same meaning is 'Fanny's your aunt'. When used together it means complete or the whole lot. If Bob's your uncle and Fanny's your aunt you've got a full set of relatives and you are complete.

Why is it called Dressed to the nines?

Still another clothing origin suggests that the phrase descends from the Old English saying “dressed to the eyes,” which, because Old English was weird, was written as “dressed to then eyne.” The thinking goes that someone at some point heard “then eyne” and mistook it for “the nine” or “the nines.”

What is kit and kaboodle?

Kit and caboodle” is a slang expression, dating back to the mid-19th century, meaning “everything” or “all of it” (“The whole kit and caboodle of us were then investigated by the FBI to see how many subversives there were among us,” 1969).

Where did Kit and Kaboodle come from?

The whole shebang, the works, the full story. Origin: “Kit and Kaboodle” has origins in the 18th century, England. Kit, which comes from the word “kith” meaning “estate.” So the “Whole Kith” would mean everything one owns. Soldiers in the 1700's also carried a bag with everything they needed called a Kitbag.

Who played Kit Good Luck Charlie?

Ryan Whitney

Is Kit and Kaboodle a good cat food?


What's the worst cat food?

Here are the worst cat food brands:

  • Mars Petcare cat food brands (Royal Canin, Sheba, Whiskas, Iams, Nutro, Temptations, Greenies)
  • Nestle cat food brands (Friskies, Fancy Feast, Beyond, Deli Cat, Muse, Kit & Kaboodle, Kitten/Cat Chow, Purina ONE, Purina ProPlan, Purina ProPlan Veterinary Diet)

What is the healthiest cat food?

What are the most nutritious cat foods?

  • Best Dry Food For Cats.
  • BLUE Wilderness Indoor Chicken Dry Cat Food.
  • Hills Science Diet Indoor Dry Cat Food.
  • Purina ONE Urinary Tract Health Formula Dry Food.
  • Rachael Ray Nutrish Natural Dry Cat Food.
  • Purina Cat Chow Naturals Indoor Dry Cat Food.
  • Blue Freedom Grain-Free Adult Dry Food.
  • What To Look For In Dry Cat Food.

Does Meow Mix make cats sick?

Meow Mix is full of corn, which is not digestible to cats and other ingredients are known to make your kitty sick. ... So basically this cat food is corn, with artificial flavors and dyes and chemical preservatives like BHA and BHT.

What is wrong with Meow Mix?

It's no surprise that there are complaints about Meow Mix. What's unsettling is that there's some consistency among those complaints. Multiple people said their cats started vomiting blood or bleeding rectally after eating Meow Mix. Several said their cats recovered after the Meow Mix food was withdrawn.

How much dry food should a cat eat a day?

If the cat owner is feeding a good quality dry food, that has a good quality protein, then the indoor cat needs only approximately 1/3 to 1/2 cup of food each day. Most high quality foods have approximately 500 calories per 8 ounce cup of food. The major protein source of the food is very important.

Is Meow Mix better than Purina?

According to our average data, Meow Mix typically provides less fat than Purina One. ... In addition, Purina One wet cat foods also provide more fat than Meow Mix wet foods. Both brands provide roughly the same amount of crude fiber.

Is Meow Mix Purina?

The Meow Mix Company operates from a 200,000-square-foot (19,000 m2) facility in Decatur, Alabama and produces Alley Cat brand cat food products. Originally a product of Ralston Purina, Meow Mix was divested for antitrust reasons in the early 2000s. The brand was acquired by Del Monte Foods in May, 2006.

What is the healthiest dry cat food on the market?

The Best Dry Cat Food

  1. Rachael Ray Nutrish Natural Dry Cat Food. ...
  2. Hill's Science Diet Dry Cat Food. ...
  3. Blue Buffalo Adult Dry Cat Food. ...
  4. Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Dry Cat Food. ...
  5. Wellness Complete Health Natural Dry Cat Food. ...
  6. Merrick Before Grain Meat Cat Food. ...
  7. Nutro MAX Dry Cat Food. ...
  8. Nature's Variety Instinct Grain-Free Dry Cat Food.

What is the tastiest dry cat food?

  • Rachael Ray Nutrish Natural Cat Food. Best overall dry cat food. ...
  • Purina Friskies Seafood Sensations. Best budget dry cat food. ...
  • Blue Buffalo Weight Control Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe Adult Dry Cat Food. ...
  • IAMS Proactive Health Kitten Dry Cat Food. ...
  • Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Dry Cat Food. ...
  • Royal Canin Hairball Care.

What is the best cat food recommended by vets?

  • Purina Pro Plan LiveClear Probiotic Chicken & Rice Formula.
  • Purina Cat Chow Complete Dry Cat Food.
  • Iams Proactive Health Indoor Weight & Hairball Care.
  • Hill's Prescription Diet k/d Kidney Care Chicken & Vegetable Stew.
  • PetGuard Organic Chicken & Vegetable Formula.
  • Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers Ocean Whitefish & Tuna Feast.

Is Fancy Feast a good cat food?

Overall, Fancy Feast cat food appears to be a reliable, trustworthy economy choice. It's a good option if you want to avoid excessive plant ingredients but don't mind feeding your cat by-products or vaguely-named ingredients and are comfortable with some artificial additives.